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The Big Bang Theory Essay

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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, which is filmed in front of a live studio audience, is a hilarious sitcom focused on main five characters. A genius physicists Leonard and Sheldon are best friends, colleagues, and roommates. But everything has to be done by odd Sheldon`s judgmental way. They are also good friends with awkward co-workers Howard and Raj. The story begins when a blond, attractive waitress Penny moves into the apartment next door to Leonard and Sheldon. The “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory) is a good example of introducing the characters.

After a visit to the sperm bank Sheldon and Leonard return home to find out that an attractive new woman has moved in next door. They were comparing her to previous tenant and how she is an improvement over other neighbor. Leonard invites Penny over for lunch at their apartment and this is when she figures out that they are abnormal. Penny is introduced to Sheldon`s odd habit by sitting on his spot on the couch. Penny has to use Sheldon and Leonard`s shower due to her broken shower. As she was leaving the bathroom, their friends Howard and Raj show up.

They introduced to Penny and Howard tries to hit on her while Raj cannot speak to beautiful women. Leonard had a crush on Penny so he will try to do anything to get her to recognize him. He went to Penny`s ex-boyfriend`s place with Sheldon to get her TV, but her ex-boyfriend refuses to give it back and steals their pants. Penny feels bad about what happened to them and decided to invite them and their two friends to dinner. This episode ends when five of them in the car discussing what to eat. This TV show represents how genius people like them are sharing the same interest as normal people.

Interests such as spending most of their time working on projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, and collecting comic books. All four of them are very confident of using scientific references when they communicate and do not know about life outside of the laboratory. As they are shy, most of them always have problem with the opposite sex especially the pretty ones. During the commercial break, audience observed auto insurance, credit card, restaurant commercials, and the preview of other TV shows that CBS provides.

According to statistics The Big Bang Theory`s audience are age wise form 18 to 54. They are able to show commercials for range of different products because of the diversity in age and gender of their audience. There is a cultural belief that geeks are socially clumsy, usually have specialized knowledge, appear physically weak, poorly dressed, obsess over video game, comic-book, sci-fi movies. In reality they share same interest as “normal” people do. They just feel uncomfortable sharing their feelings and are too shy to express their emotion.

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