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The best of me Essay

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The best of me

Have you ever experienced being one of the excellent students until such time you belong to the bottom of the class of your batch? Or have you ever fell asleep while taking your final exam for the entire grading? Well, in my real life I encountered that kind of difficulty. It was unsullied and unambiguous memory I can still remember. Way back to my high school life, I’m one of the excellent students in our class but on my third year high school I was known as one of the stupid person of our class when our teacher released the result of our grades for the entire grading.

Let me give you the information why I failed my grade. It was my first subject on our examination day, I am too confident really confident that I can answer it perfectly even though I feel like I’m falling down to the sky. I am sitting at the corner of the room and the person sitting next to me is Mike and next to him is Gine.

Our teacher gave us the examiner’s sheet and the test questionnaires, as I’m looking on the exam I find too easy as I study the whole night before that day, then after a few minutes our teacher allow us to start answering. In the middle of the exam I fell asleep, neither Mike nor my bestfriend wake me up. When I awake I realize that they are almost done answering the exam while I am still on the number 56 out of 200 items and the time allowance left is only 25 minutes, I talk to myself “OMG!!! I fell asleep, I need to answer all of this as soon as possible but I am out of time”.

Our teacher declared the time left “Class, 20 minutes left”, I was in a dazed that I may not able to answer the exam. I still have the hope to finish the exam yet I answered with approximation of 150 items. Our teacher collected the examiner’s sheet and she leave the room as she collected it. After 2 days of our examination, she announce the student who reach the highest score and the student who failed her subject, “The person who was able to got the highest score is Ms. Alba and I am very sorry for Ms. Vidad because he is the only student on this batch who failed the subject”, when I heard all of that I’m terribly depressed and disappointed at the same time. And that was the most embarrassing moment I can remember in my whole life.

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