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The Best Alaskan Salmon in Ohio Essay

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The Best Alaskan Salmon in Ohio

If I said it was possible to have fresh, never frozen, Alaskan salmon delivered anywhere in the United States within two days of the fish being caught, people might call me crazy. I know I would but that is exactly what I found being advertised when I began searching for online retailers of Alaskan salmon. I have been enjoying salmon for a long time and living in central Ohio has forced me to try many avenues for the best salmon I could find.

My choices were often limited to whatever stock of salmon was available at local retail locations that were often previously frozen. What I needed was a service that offered me a wide variety of wild, fresh salmon and Great-Alaska-Seafood exceeded my expectations with the best tasting salmon I have ever had. The first thing I look for when I buy salmon is quality and to me that means wild-caught, not farm raised salmon. The problem here is the vast majority of salmon sold in stores is sold as being “wild” from the Atlantic Ocean but this is not completely true.

The trick here is fisheries are allowed to market their salmon as “wild” as long as the fish is allowed to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. However, they are still being fed processed food pellets. The main difference between wild and farm raised is their diet, which affects the overall quality of the fish. There are even health considerations that should be taken if farm raised fish is frequently consumed. Wild salmon from Alaska are considered by many as the best source of quality salmon available.

Since this fishery was based out of Alaska I had some confidence I would be paying for the best salmon out there and they delivered on their promise. The freshness of the fish was also a big concern when I began to entertain the idea of making an order for salmon online. Locally I am often left to pick from Alaskan salmon filets that were previously frozen for transportation to Ohio, on the other hand, the first thing I noticed was this company offered free overnight shipping with a minimum purchase that was in my price range. This almost seemed too good to be true.

Amongst many other online retailers I could not find a single competitor offering this service. With their service offering free overnight shipping with special packaging that involves dry-ice, I was able to purchase a fresh, never frozen, salmon. When I received my first order I was almost stunned that I could have an Alaskan salmon, just caught a day or two before, delivered to my door. This exceeded my expectations largely because I would have never thought it was possible. As much as I love salmon, everything must be taken in moderation. Eating the exact same type of salmon every week might get boring fast.

So, I also needed a good amount of variety available to purchase amongst the different salmon species native to Alaska. The main types between salmon are “white” and “red” flesh and they taste distinctly different. When parlayed with the different locations and diets of the Alaskan salmon species, this allows for a lot of different ways to prepare and cook the fish. This is very important to me and I was very happy to see this company offered 8 different species of salmon. To add even more variety the company offers over 10 different smoking methods that add incredible flavor to the fish.

All of which I have tried and taste phenomenal, including a variety of other seafood items they sell ranging from colossal crab legs to prawns that weigh one pound each. When I began my search for a new source of salmon I figured I would not have much luck living in Ohio. What I found was a company offering one of the best online services I have ever seen. The free overnight shipping plus the large variety of fresh salmon was exactly what I was looking for. I did a vast amount of research on multiple retailers that sell salmon and other seafood online and what I found is, for us salmon lovers far from the ocean, this is best option available.

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