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The Award of Best Commercial Goes to… Essay

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The Award of Best Commercial Goes to…

This includes three for individual excellence and seven for team execution. The main objective of these awards is to inspire, celebrate and reward the organization. The three individual winners were chosen by a nine-member team of senior marketers and seven team category winners were determined during the awards night based on the votes from the audience. The audience took into account the business results of the each contesting team, from the two-minute video presentation of each team. The winners just get pride of performance, as these awards are a mean to motivate the employees and to celebrate the great achievements done by them.

Answer Question # 01: To improve the organizational effectiveness at Procter & Gamble Canada through the awards event, we should consider the “High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) perspective”. As the organizations are considered effective when they have a good fit with their external environment, have efficient & adaptive internal subsystems and at the same time are satisfying the needs of the stakeholders (Employees are a part of stakeholders). There are numerous high performance work practices, Like employees involvement and job autonomy, both tends to improve decision making and employee motivation.

They often form to self directed teams. Employee competency is another important HPWP; Successful organizations invest in employee development through training, which excels the employee’s output. The most important HPWP is to link skills and performances of employees to various types of financial and non financial rewards, valued by the employees. At present, P&G Canada is rewarding the employees by nonfinancial rewards, but they should consider and link the performances of individuals and teams with financial rewards, that the employees value more.

This will definitely improve the organizational effectiveness in P&G Canada through this awards event. Answer Question # 02: Evaluation of P&G awards event against the five strategies for improving reward effectiveness, Link Rewards to Performance: According to the OB modification theory and expectancy theory, employees with better performance should be rewarded more than those with poorer performance. P&G Canada should apply this pay-performance linkage by minimizing the inconsistencies and bias through gain sharing, ESOPs, and other plans.

P&G Canada should also rely on multiple sources of information. P&G Canada should also need to apply rewards soon after the performance occurs. Ensure that Rewards are Relevant: P&G Canada needs to align rewards with performance within employee’s control. The more employees see a link between their performance and reward, the more they are motivated to improve their performances. They may link bonus reward for the executives with the overall performance of the company, whereas sales and marketing front line employees can earn bonus on their sales performance.

Situational factors should be kept in mind. Use Team Rewards for Independent Jobs: As per existing policy of P&G Canada, they should continue to focus on team rewards, as it encourages cooperation and tends to support employee preferences for team-based work. This becomes more important when employees work in highly interdependent jobs. The only disadvantage is that the most productive employees may prefer rewards based on their individual performance. Ensure that Rewards are Valued: It is obvious that rewards work best when they are valued.

P&G Canada should be careful of making false assumptions about what employees want. The best way is to ask employees what they value. It may be cash money or some kind of useable household items with company logo thereon. Watch Out for Unintended Consequences: Financial rewards can influence employees in complex ways. P&G Canada should be careful for unintended consequences and behaviors of the employees. To receive a handsome bonus, sales staff may results in wrong sales that may damage the company’s repute in the market. They should test incentives in a pilot project before applying them across the company.

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