The Awakening Essay Examples

The Awakening- Edna’s Independence

In Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, Edna Pontellier is a character who is alienated from the rest of society. She carries views which do not coincide with the norm, and in a way establishes her own idea of how women should live and be treated. Not only do her views estrange her from society, but she… View Article

Inter Textual Synthesis Essay

Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening, centers around the theme of discovering oneself. The book shows readers the world of Edna Pontellier and gives them a window into her numerous insecurities and hesitations. Throughout the book, Edna attempts to become the opposite of the stereotypical women of her time. She chooses to be herself instead of… View Article

Kate Chopin

Who comes to mind when the term “American author” is mentioned? A lot of female authors of today would say Kate Chopin, one of the most independent writers of the nineteenth century. Although Kate Chopin didn’t live to see her work re-published, she is an important author to study because her stories are influential, her… View Article

The Awakening: Tragedy or Comedy

In The Awakening, the heroine Edna Pontellier tries to wake from the accustomed domesticity of a housewife to become an actual being in the late 19th century American society. For her realizations have led her to various pioneering decisions as a wife and as a mother, it seems in reality the “awakening” does not need… View Article

The Awakening

1.What features make The Awakening a “local color” story? 2.What customs and beliefs of Edna Pontellier’s society are significant in relation to her psychological development? 3.What attitudes and tendencies in the Creole characters does Edna have trouble adjusting to? 4.Why did Edna marry Leonce? Is he the model husband? 5.What incidents in the novel reveal… View Article