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The 7 Psychology Science Approaches Essay

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The 7 Psychology Science Approaches

The seven modern perspectives of psychology are the biological approach, the behavioral approach, the psychodynamic approach, the humanistic approach, the cognitive approach, the evolutionary approach, and the sociocultural approach. 1. The biological approach focuses on the body, brain and the nervous system. One example would be like the way your heart races when you’re afraid. The biological factors influences your specific brain structures and neurotransmitters that can contribute to depression. 2.

The behavioral approach is the scientific study of your observable behavioral responses and their environmental determinants. It is the conflict between biological drives and society’s demands, and early childhood family experiences. One behavioral view of depression focuses on learned helplessness, and individual’s acquisition of feelings of powerlessness when exposed to aversive circumstances like stress. 3. The psychodynamic approach emphasizes your unconscious thought. This approach is believed to be deep impulses buried deep within your unconscious mind. This influences the way people think, feel, and behave.

This can contribute to depression. 4. The humanistic approach emphasizes on a person’s positive qualities. I don’t think that would play a role in depression. 5. The cognitive approach emphasizes on your mental processes involved in knowing. How we perceive and solve problems. A cognitive explanation of depression focuses on the kinds of thoughts and beliefs that can contribute to a sense of hopelessness. 6. The evolutionary approach uses evolutionary ideas such as adaptation, reproduction, and natural selection as the basis for explaining specific human behaviors.

The evolutionary approach provides an inaccurate explanation of why men and women have different social roles and does not adequately account for cultural diversity and experiences. This can also play a role in depression. 7. The sociocultural approach is the approach in which social and cultural environments influence behavior. Individuals with low socioeconomic status, especially people living in poverty, are more likely to develop depression. Reference: The Science of Psychology 2 by Laura A. King

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