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Texting and Writing Essay

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Texting and Writing

Throughout these years, many have argued that texting affects writing in different ways. The argument of texting and writing is either a positive or negative influence on the writer. Although some think texting has a negative influence, it is a sufficient way for writers to express ideas frequently, language skills, and increase the amount of time spent writing. Considering the amount of people that use text messaging, it is easy to agree that writing will lack intelligence. Many say texting has a negative influence on writing.

They say it does not stress the importance of punctuation in writing. Admittedly, texting expresses lack of emotion. Opposing views claim that it reinforces simplistic writing. However these problems only apply when the writer leans only to texting. According to research done by Michaela Cullington in “Does Texting affect writing? ” texting does not affect writing. She surveyed seven different students and two high school teachers about their opinions on writing. From her research she concluded that people recognize the differences between texting friends and writing formally and know what is appropriate in each situation.

Although some teachers disagree with this, Cullington can confidently state that texting has no effect on students writing in general. (Cullington, 87-95) Over the years, texting has become extremely popular. It is used every day, all day. With this method ideas are expressed through writing daily. The ability to text a friend teaches the expression of emotion in writing. Normally the only formal writing being done is when it is assigned. Texting makes it available to practice writing daily. Texting has little effect on language skills. Many argue that with text speak it will affect formal writing.

Abbreviating has been in use for decades, and thus is not a new language. Before people can text, they must first know how to spell. Texting can therefore not be a cause of bad spelling. Since texting provides people with the opportunity of engaging with the language through reading and writing, it improves people’s literacy. There may always be a divide in opinion, but the evidence is there. As long as it is made clear that text language is not to be used in formal contexts, and is simply an addition to our language, there will not be a problem.

Perhaps texting has become an easy target to blame for the decline in literacy. If we look closely, texting and computer-mediated-communication provide additional practice in reading and writing and help children to learn the relationship between spelling and sounds. Although texting has taken off, it will never take over. As far as I can see our language is safe.

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