Testing Essay Examples

Testing Rodolpho

Catherine doesn’t get drawn in by this and goes back to testing Rodolpho; she steels herself as if she is about to say something important and the audience know something is going to happen. She asks him a question that Rodolpho doesn’t answer, but he immediately attacks her about Eddie and whether it was him… View Article

SAT Testing

SAT, as a basis for college admission, is still relevant. However, the value of SAT should be limited in its use in evaluating students who took the test individually. Ranking based on SAT results are not a reliable measure of the quality of schools. They only determine the quality of the students who took the… View Article

Psychological Assessment and Testing

Several websites that discuss psychological assessment and testing are scattered throughout the Internet. These psychological-based sites help students, experts and ordinary people to discern the basic concepts of psychology and recognize its various functions. One of the functions of psychological assessment and testing websites is to determine and somehow predict and pinpoint the possible psychological… View Article

Ultrasonic Metal Testing

Ultrasonic testing refers to the use of sound energy of high frequency “to conduct examinations and make measurements (“Basic Principles of Ultrasonic Testing”). ” This form of inspection may be applied in the detection and evaluation of metal flaws; measurement of dimensions; and classification of materials among other things (“Basic Principles of Ultrasonic Testing”). It… View Article

Testing and Assessment in ELT

The notion that language tests have a damaging effect upon learning is reflected in much contemporary academic and media based criticism and speculation. This can be seen in relation to the meaning of the language being learned and the social context deemed crucial to understanding and developing language use. This is primarily because unlike many… View Article

Nuclear Weapon Testing

Nuclear Weapons testing have realized radiation into the environment. These tests have always been justified as necessary for national security. According to me, I disagree because if a nation allows nuclear weapons testing in its ground, then it should be ready for the aftermath repercussion, which is quite devastating. There is need to avoid using… View Article

Psychological Testing

This paper is all about the uses and varieties of personality and projective tests. It aims to determine which tool is more reliable and valid to use in measuring and predicting the behavior of an individual. Furthermore, this paper discusses the uniformity of two different texts used containing the same stance that personality tests exceed… View Article

Psychological Testing Article Analysis

Psychological testing is a tool to properly assess behaviors and characteristics of individuals. Results of psychological testing are often presented through statistical tables that allow evaluation and comparison of the different variables tested against set norms. This paper will review an article lifted from the Health Psychology journal and determine the appropriateness of the psychological… View Article

Psychological Testing

Individual intelligence tests are of two types; Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test and Wechsler tests. They tests individual’s intelligence in arithmetic, vocabulary, comprehension, verbal amongst other disciplines. Individual tests are mostly used in education placement, clinical assessment and to measure an individual’s skills in the event a wide a large of individuals are being examined (Roid, 2003)…. View Article

Psychological Testing

The Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children measures simultaneous and sequential processing skills as well as subscales that measure academic achievement. The age range this test investigates is ages 2-12 years. There are ten mental processing subtests as well as six achievement subtests. Only three of the subtests are administered to all ages groups, making the… View Article

Testing on Animals

In today’s generation, there is a rise in population of those who are against the unfair treatment of animals, including the consumption of their meat, use of fur for garments, and testing for medical reasons. Using animals to scientifically test the safety of drugs and cosmetics for humans is controversial within many organizations, such as… View Article

The biases in testing

Many examples can be given for the biases in testing based on culture. Cultural biases have been in testing as long as testing has been around, whether intentional or not. With each passing year, however, it seems that cultural bias is more examined and those who create the tests are using stricter guidelines to insure… View Article

The Nomothetic Approach in Personality Testing

The Nomothetic approach is an approach to personality assessment. The term comes from the Greek word “nomos” which means law. In an online dictionary homothetic is defined as “giving or establishing laws”. Look for universal laws of behaviour. It is based on traditional, classical science. In psychology the nomothetic approach focuses on people in general,… View Article

Animal Testing

Living in the twenty-first century society is beginning to raise questions about the importance and relevance of issues that could very easily alter our way of living. Animal testing is one of these issues; the use of non-human animals in experiments. When an opinion regarding whether or not animal testing is ethical is mentioned in… View Article

Testing hypothesis

Introduction to Hypothesis Testing 8.1 Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing LEARNING OBJECTIVES 8.2 Four Steps to Hypothesis Testing After reading this chapter, you should be able to: 8.3 Hypothesis Testing and Sampling Distributions 8.4 Making a Decision: Types of Error 8.5 Testing a Research Hypothesis: Examples Using the z Test 8.6 Research in Focus: Directional… View Article