Testament Essay Examples

Understanding Three Psalms of the Old Testament

Psalm 78 and Psalm 89 are both referred to as “maskils. ” According to Gordon Churchyard (2004), a maskil may be the name given to verses that teach their readers something of value. The Book of Psalms published by the International Bible Society in the United States, however, explains the word “maskil” as a literary… View Article

The New Testament

The New Testament is deeply rooted in what Friedrich Nietzsche called slave morality. Its sense of ethics and the social values it expounds can be described as a downward pull towards a constant affirmation of a shameful human. One can see the New Testament as copying the ideals of the Old Testament, for the entire… View Article

Old and New Testament

In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, the central theme for discussion is the relationship that exists between the creator and that which he is creating. In this particular work, Shelley focuses on a scientist who makes his life’s work out of manipulating molecules to create his own special brand of humanity. In addition to that, the… View Article

Old Testament

Found in the Old Testament of the Bible, Psalms have a certain mythic quality to them. Originally written as songs, Psalms are often used to present morality tales or to provide an acknowledgment of certain moral concepts. It is believed that Psalms were originally written by King David, although there is way to completely verify… View Article

Old Testament section of the Bible

This book explains the cultural history of plants that are used as herbs in today’s contemporary history. The book was published in 2004 and the writers seek to demystify the role that herbs played in history. In sections addressing garlic use, they cover Egypt and Mesopotamia and features some claims from the Old Testament section… View Article

Testament and the Epic of Gilgamesh

The Book of Genesis in the Old Testament and the Epic of Gilgamesh stories of the great flood as found on Genesis (chapter 7) and Gilgamesh (lines 1-25) contain several striking similarities that are seen to have a common historical occurrence. The floods are said to have been sent by Supreme Being to clear the… View Article

Old Testament and the Greek Bible

The subject on the relationship between the Hebrew bible also known as the Old Testament and the Greek Bible also known as the New Testament has been debated since time immemorial. Many people have attempted to compare and contrast the various teachings contained in both the Hebrew and the Greek Bibles and more often than… View Article