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Tess of the D’Urbervilles: Hardy’s Faithful Essay

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Tess of the D’Urbervilles: Hardy’s Faithful

Fizzah Abid Warns October 22, 2013 Tess of the D’Urbervilles If Fate is behind Tess’s Tragedies, why does Angel find it difficult to forgive her given the fact he ‘loved’ her? miou were more sinned against than sinning, that I admit. ” These were the words spoken by Angel in Chapter Thirty-Five after Tess implores him that she was a child when evil wrecked upon her innocent being. She beseeched him that she used to be unknowing of men and had little clue about their wicked ways. If fate was responsible for her crime, why then did Angel have problems reconciling ith the concept of Tess not being as ‘pure’ as he had assumed?

Why, finally after forgiving her, could he not see her as the woman he gave his heart to? Did Angel have a different notion of fate, or did he never truly love Tess as he claimed? Or was it Fate yet again, cruelly hurling Tess down the path towards her doom? It is clear from most of his work that for Hardy fate plays a major role. His characters seem to be simply puppets in the hands of malignant Fate. They are always in conflict with it, for while they are on one side and Fate seems to be working on the opposite end.

In is article, D Cecil observes that: “A struggle between man, on the one hand, and, on the other, an omnipotent and indifferent Fate ”that is Hardys interpretation of the human scene. ” Even with Tess, Fate always seemed against her. Time and time again, we see how Tess tried her hardest to set her life straight and how Fate is always ready with the perfect counterattack that causes all of her toil and hard work to go in vain. In the last chapter of the novel, the narrator say, “Justice was done and the President of the Immortals (in Aeschylean phrase) had ended his sport with Tess. Ch. 59) This goes to prove that yes, there is no question that Fate was indeed playing with Tess. But is Fate really against her so much that she would not permit Angel to forgive Tess or should we observe Angel’s own thoughts and desires to find out the answer? Tess had tried and failed numerous times to give Angel a clue about her lack of purity throughout the third and the fourth phase. “l shouldn’t mind learning why – why the sun do shine on the Just and the unjust alike,” (Ch. 19). Tess had offered this reply to Angel’s eager offer to tutor her when he first started courting her.

He realized she was being quite resentful towards life and if he truly cared about her, he would have wanted to know what incident had stimulated such despondency in her normally cheerful being. Tess has dropped hints throughout the novel that had Angel been able to look past the flawless image he had constructed of Tess he would have realized long ago, that how different the reality was to it. In the twenty third chapter, when Angel carried the girls over the pool of water, he took longer while bringing Tess to her friends.

Along the way, he implied to her that he had to carry “three Leahs o get one Rachel” to which Tess replied, “They are better women than l. ” Here she was clearly trying to get the idea out of his head that she was the immaculate, pure ignored her yet again. He also dismisses Tess’s responses that are not to his liking; for example, when Tess refuses Angel, he is “aware that the negative often meant nothing more than the preface to the affirmative”. His casual rejection of her feelings, and the ingrained belief in what she truly feels is as unfeeling and disrespectful as any treatment Alec has had towards her.

When Angel proposes Tess, she refuses. O Mr. Clare – I cannot be your wife – I cannot be! ” (Ch. 27), it was so far another blazing opportunity for Angel to question Tess about her past, but he still is not ready to leave his fancy behind. To him, her decline seemed to signify that she was even more virtuous than he thought. By denying him not because of a lack of love but, as he believed, because of her lack of lives again the time They had been out shopping, and had encountered a man from Alec D’Urberville’s village, who disparaged Tess and denied her nobility.

Tess was wracked with guilt so she had written her life’s ishaps in a note and slid it under the door leading to Angel’s room only to have hidden it from his sight as it slid under the carpet which, obedient to fate, did its best to keep it hidden. She believed that if he would not listen to her first hand, and he should know somehow as a warning before he married her and then regretted it. Tess tried, even on the day of their marriage to get through to Angel. She confessed to him that she wanted to come clean of her past faults and blunders.

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