Terror Essay Examples

Terror in 1831 America

Media is a very powerful tool in communicating with people. In so many ways, it allows us to interact with others and exchange stories with the people we know and we do not know. Media as a tool helps us to be informed about the things happening around us but at the same time, it… View Article

The War On Terror

We live in a world full of horror, feel threatened, bags being heavily searched and body x-rayed through as if we are potential criminal. However, the most important thing is where this is headed. All of the reports ignore the most fundamental questions being: What were the motives behind those attacks, and to what extent… View Article

War on Terror

If I was the president of the United States in the present times I would use a very different approach in addressing the issue on war and terror. The phrase “war on terror” is not often used since America cannot win terrorism by the use of military means alone as terrorism is not against an… View Article

The French Reign of Terror

As if the French Revolution were not enough, the French people having endured decades of irresponsible governing and political unrest were plunged into another nightmare of drastic proportion. Indeed, in today’s terms the French terror would be called an act of genocide. The Reign of Terror is synonymous with one man in particular: Maximilien Francois… View Article

War on terror

The statement, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” has become a great obstacle in war on terror. In the struggle against terrorism, the problem of definition is a crucial element in the attempt to coordinate international collaboration, based on the currently accepted rules of traditional warfare. Due to that reason the herein literature… View Article

Cult and Terror Groups

No one in his right mind would volunteer to join a terrorist group or a cult. It boggles the mind why people would allow themselves to suffer by joining a secretive organization that demands absolute obedience and self-less sacrifice. But then again, one has to see it form their point of view for the outside… View Article

Win the War on Terror

At a time when the ‘war on terror’ was on everybody’s lips, Richard Perle, chairman of the Defense Policy Board, and David Frum, the speechwriter for President George W. Bush, published a book described by themselves as “a manual for victory” (9). An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror addressed the… View Article

Why We Crave Horror Movies

Steven King says that horror movies serve as a valuable social purpose and in this essay; I do indeed think that he has proved his point. Many people say that they hate horror movies, but if that’s true then why do all of us go out and watch them? Steven King says, “When we pay… View Article