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Temperature Essay Examples

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Calorimetry and Hess’s Law

Elemental magnesium is one of the principal components of flares used to illuminate nighttime activities, or to aid in signaling one’s location to aircraft and ships. Your instructor may ignite a strip of magnesium ribbon to demonstrate the combustion of magnesium in air. It will be evident that a great deal of light energy is…

Different types of energy transfer

For us to do work, we need energy. Energy is measured in joules, (J) or kilojoules (kJ) Energy exists in many different forums such as Kinetic and potential energy – Kinetic energy is the movement of energy and potential is stored energy, energy ready to go. A lawn mower filled with gasoline, a car on…

Big Temperature

Put some hot water, warm water, and cold water in three bowls. Just use water from your faucet, and please be sure that the hot water is not too hot to touch! Place a finger in the hot water and a finger of the other hand in the cold water. After a few seconds, place…



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Biology Properties of water lab

Procedure The independent variables for this experiment are the types of water solutions used. The dependent variable is the boiling temperature of the water which will be measured by a thermometer. The control group is the water. The constants are the Stove top and amount of water used in each solution the starting temperature of…

Simultaneous Determination of Several Thermodynamic Quantities

I. INTRODUCTION The solubility product constant, Ksp​, is the equilibrium constant for a solid substance dissolving in an aqueous solution. It represents the level at which a solute dissolves in solution. A more a substance dissolves, the higher the Ksp value it has. In this experiment, a system of a sparingly soluble salt in water…

Global Warming

Climate scientists tell us that global warming is a very serious matter and the world has to make firm decisions to try to slow the warming and eventually to reverse it. Some politicians agree, but many lack the political will to press for urgent changes. Many scientists believe it is already too late to stop…

Factors Affecting the Rate of Enzyme Activity

The Purpose of doing this experiment is “how factors affect on the rate of enzyme activity.” “We examine the affects of enzyme activity when exposing enzymes to different substrates, PH and temperature. In this experiment a type of enzyme called Peroxides has been used. Peroxidase is the enzymes are found in living organism so, it…

Cell respiration Lab report

Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to measure the consumption of oxygen by respiring seeds and to compare respiration rate at two different temperatures. Background Research: Cellular respiration is the process of oxidizing food molecules, like glucose, to carbon dioxide and water. C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O → 12H2O + 6 CO2 The energy…

Water temperature effects on sugar

1. Introduction The purpose of my project is to demonstrate how water temperature affects the dissolving of sugar in liquid. Everything in our universe is made up of particles which are in constant motion. In a solid state particles move the slowest while in a liquid state particles move the fastest. Under the right conditions,…

Applying Thermal Expansion

Complete the following problems and exercises using complete sentences and showing all work where appropriate. 1. The temperature of the Sun’s interior is about 107 degrees. Does it matter whether this is degrees Celsius or kelvins? Defend your answer. No, it DOESN’t matter whether this is in degrees Celsius or kelvins, since the DIFFERENCE between…

Project Report on Effect of Impurities on the Boiling Point

Introduction Project Report Boiling Point and Freezing Point : Generally, on cooling a liquid its temperature falls gradually till it starts freezing. At this point the temperature remains constant till whole of the liquid changes into solid. “The fixed temperature at which a certain liquid freezes, is termed as its freezing point.” Freezing point of…

Determining the Melting Point of a Substance

Questions: 1. The effect of the impurity on the mixture caused the melting point of the mixture to be lowered. 2. The reason why the melting point of a binary mixture is lowered, is due to the fact that the mixture of the two components has caused the structure of the solid to change and…

Project Design Plan

This experiment is to test the theory that the temperature of water affects the duration of time it takes to water to reach freezing? Hot water freezing faster than cold has been observed for many centuries. The earliest known reference to this effect is by Aristotle, who wrote: “The fact that water has previously been…

Investigation of temperature on catalase activity

The aim of this experiment is to find out the effect of temperature on catalase or hydrogen peroxide. This will enable us to tell at what temperature hydrogen peroxide is most efficient. This (degradation) reaction will help us determine some of the catalase’s different attributes. HYPOTHESIS In this experiment it would be safe to hypothesise…

Thermodynamics Lab

Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine the identity of an unknown metal, and to prove whether the laws of thermodynamics hold when determining this identity. Using the accepted specific heat of water (4186 J/kg · oC), heat flow between two different sets of water though the conduction of an unknown metal can…

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