Television Essay Examples

The key developments that have occurred

Whereas, DTTV is seen by hardware manufacturers as a way to sell set-top-boxes first and new all-in-one TV sets later. Terrestrial DTV generally is seen as an instance of a technology that is being pushed on a public that does not display much demand for it. Particularly the high definition (HDTV) broadcast, with not much… View Article

Children’s Television

Over the past three months I have been studying children’s television programmes to find out about what influences they have over children’s behaviour, the types of shows that are on offer and why children opt to watch them. I picked three key questions based on what I thought would get the best reactions and results… View Article

Realism and television

Question : Discuss realism by considering a television program that has realistic qualities. In your discussion specifically refer to Chapter 14 of the textbook, ‘Documentary and “reality TV”‘, by Branston and Stafford (2006). Realism plays an important role in the success of a good television program. The ability to relate and appeal to the senses… View Article

Existing television channels

Distinctiveness and originality are always key in any aspect of the media, as it allows anything to be set apart from the rest, drawing the audiences attention towards it. However distinctiveness and originality are becoming a thing of the past as ideas are running thin. Constantly we are able to see similar or replicas of… View Article

The coronation explain

Between 1947 and 1959, the amount of television licences that had been sold increased very rapidly from only 0. 1 million to almost 10 million. The coronation was in 1953 and the largest increase in the amount of televisions that had been sold was between 1953 and 1959. This tells us that most of the… View Article

Television media, war and truth

An informed public is the cornerstone of modern society. An informed public during wartime leads to a healthy democracy. Though the media shares a special connection with wartime reporting, disseminating information of major news value, it often keeps the truth masked and reality covered. The media establishment profited by periods of rapid technological change through… View Article

Television genre

According to the Catalan language dictionary Alberti?? , culture is a ‘joint space of knowledge from a person; or else the joint space of the human creations in general, or the specific of a country or a society’. So everything that creates culture is related to the knowledge that different individuals have. And how can… View Article

The last episode of “Black Adder Goes Forth”

What affect does the last episode of “Black Adder Goes Forth” have on the viewer? How is the affects created? “Black Adder Goes Forth”‘s season finale “goodbyeee” is the finishing episode of the comedic perspective of World War One. Black Adder is a television series that was started in 1983 by Richard Curtis and Rowan… View Article

Religious or moral issue of concern to Christians

Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue of concern to Christians has been dealt with in a television soap opera The moral issue that I have chosen to follow is adultery, which is when a married person has voluntary sexual intercourse with other married or not married people, rather than… View Article

The Incest of the prime minister in China

Cecilia Leung, 30, the lawyer who has won the case about “The Incest of the prime minister in China”. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband, Jerry, who is a policeman and their four-year old son Brandon. “I don’t like mornings ; I think that I even hate them, so I need to wake… View Article

Two radio and two television genres

In at least one point in the day, every-one finds themselves tuned into one broadcast station or another, be it radio or television Be it for entertainment, relaxation, to be informed or merely a means of escapism. For whichever reasons it is, radio and television play an active role in our everyday life whether we… View Article

The opening sequence of the Simpsons

Analyse the opening sequence of the Simpsons. How does the opening sequence appeal to a variety of age groups? Is this a successful title sequence? Matt Groening changed television forever when he brought animation back to primetime with this immortal nuclear family. It was first screened on 14th January 1990 and it has become one… View Article

Essay on television news

Television news and current affair programs have become an essential part of our everyday lives in this cutting edge society today. Nine Network’s A Current Affair program is a 30-minute long current affairs program covering politics, crime, human rights, science, technology and many other areas. It is an example of a consumer-oriented program, which seeks… View Article