Telephone Essay Examples

Telephone support service

The problem is that a company has requested that it have a system to store the names and addresses of people it contacts through its telephone support service. This has been requested by a company called “dataManage”, who provide computer software to individuals and also data retrieval systems. They say that they have to be… View Article

House Security Remote Control via Telephone Kit K6501 Makes it possible to turn up to three devices on or off over the telephone. It is also possible to check the status of a switch (open or closed). Remote Control Thermostat Kit K6502 Used as any other thermostat, but with the added function of choosing the day… View Article

Naples – Pizza

In today’s modern era, restaurants environments including small and midsized ones have come to rely on a modern management system. Certainly, there is plenty of big restaurant business that uses modern table management system, for some small businesses like cafe shop/cafeteria, or small dining restaurants, purchase of an electronic system might be considered as an… View Article

Principles of Providing Administrative Services

Understand how to make and receive calls When working in a business environment, anyone who deals with administration is most likely going to have to use office equipment, systems and procedures. These will range from telephones to photocopiers, computers to coffee making facilities for guests. Knowing how to operate these and understand what they are… View Article

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA)

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) was established to protect consumers from the increasingly intrusive methods employed by telemarketers. Information technology advances such as auto-dialers, predictive dialers, and automated faxes made it easier to reach large numbers of businesses and households in a relatively short time. These methods were not only highly annoying… View Article

Make and Receive Telephone calls

1.1: Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them. Modern telephone systems offer a variety of features. Some are essential communication tools; other features that people will likely use on a more discretionary basis. One common and frequently used feature of today’s telephone systems is voice mail. If you can’t take… View Article

The Story Behind Bell

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want you. ” These famous words by Alexander Graham Bell were spoken twice – first when the first sentence on the telephone was transmitted, and second when the first transcontinental sentence was exchanged (Feinstein 76, 92). This great genius may be world-famous for his invention of the telephone, but he… View Article

Make and Receive Telephone Calls

This unit is about making and receiving telephone calls and transferring calls, when necessary, in a business environment. 1-Understand how to make telephone calls. 1.1Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them. Telephone systems have many different features this allows us to handle and manage calls in a professional manner. •Call… View Article

Call Center Interview Guide

* Support and provide superior service via phones, e-mails and faxes as a receiver and caller * Use questioning and listening skills that support effective telephone communication. * Use an effective approach to handle special telephone tasks like call transfers, taking messages, call backs, holds, interruptions, and unintentional disconnects. * Understand the impact of attitude… View Article

Should Cell Phones Be Banned From Schools?

Since the early 1900’s many schools have banned the use of cellular phones. These schools believed that the ban should be made for the security of the students. Most of the schools felt that cellular phones are a danger because they are used for drug dealing, bomb threats, and cause disturbance. Apparently when considering all… View Article

Email vs “Snail Mail”

Before telephones the only way to communicate with each other was to write letters. It took days before the letter got to the recipient and it took days for the writer to get the reply. Then telephones were invented and conversations became instant. Most people loved the telephone and its usefulness but some enjoyed and… View Article

Telegraph and the telephone

Introduction The 19th century developments of firstly the telegraph, and later the telephone, opened a gateway to a new, closer, more interdependent world. For a country as large as the United States, with a population now scattered from east to west, the implications were tremendous. The infamous tyranny of time and distance had been conquered…. View Article

Trends in Global Telecommunications

INTRODUCTION Telecommunication exists everywhere, — at home, at work, at school, and even in cars – so it would be extremely difficult for anyone to be unaware of the popular trends in existing and emerging telecommunications technologies. In realizing these trends, past and present telecommunications technologies must be examined along with the measures currently being… View Article

Telecommunications Evolution Timeline

The term “telecommunications” was adopted by the Convention Internationale des Telecommunications held in Madrid in 1932. According to King (2003) “At this point, the telegraph, the telephone, and the radio were the only widely used telecommunications media” (p.65). Forms of media included under the umbrella of “telecommunications” has dramatically expanded since the early twentieth century…. View Article

SingTel Group

SingTel Group is Asias leading communications group, providing a diverse range of communication services and solutions, including fixed, mobile, data, Internet, info communications technology, satellite and pay TV. They are listed as the largest company in Singapore Exchange by market capitalization. They are also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as a result of our… View Article