Telecommuting Essay Examples


Telecommuting or telework allows employees of a company to work from home or any other remote location other than an office. Telecommuting requires employees to be able to access all of the computer applications they have available to them at work in order to perform their jobs adequately. The company should provide Internet access to… View Article

Managerial Applications of Information Technology

It’s 5:45 in the morning and you are waking up to the annoying sound of your alarm clock going off. You are fighting yourself just to get out of bed to drive to work. You may have to drive 5 days out of the week and sometimes 6 or 7 if you are working overtime…. View Article


Historically, Americans have slavishly followed the corporate structure of working in an office and relaxing at home. In the 1980’s when computers begin to catch on so did the idea of a flexible work arrangement. In researching, one found that the implementation of telecommuting in the workforce has greatly improved the performance of businesses, increased… View Article

Telecommuting Case Study

Telecommuting has been referred to as being the next big information technology (IT) trend. This trend aside from having financial benefits also reaps environmental benefits. The majority of people wanting or deciding to telecommute, wish to do so in order to avoid lengthy commutes by road, rail or otherwise. Telecommuting has the potential to provide… View Article

Information Technology and its effects in Working practices

Information Technology has a great effect on society today, changing lives of many people in school, home and at work. I will be looking at how information technology has had a great effect in working practices. Technology has changed the lives of both employees and employers bringing both advantages and disadvantages. The topic, which I… View Article

Cost Benefit Analysis

When operating a business or managing a project, there are many moving parts that need to be discussed, evaluated, and/or implemented. A very effective tool that can help that can help in a business decision or project is running a cost benefit analysis. Running this analysis will help a project manager determine how well, or… View Article

Pros and cons of working at home

Many people work at home using modern technology today. Some people think only the worker benefit from this, not the employers. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Essay: Technology is rapidly changing everything in the world, including the way people work. Working at home, as a new mode of work enabled by internet… View Article

Long Report

INTRODUCTION Background This report was created to present the findings of a study aimed to curve the impact of the large number of workers we employ on local traffic. Many city and county transportation officials are interested in exploring ways to solve the traffic issues. The research in this report analyzes the commuting patterns of… View Article