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Teenage: Suicide and Mark Julius Zamora Essay

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Teenage: Suicide and Mark Julius Zamora


Nowadays, Teenage Suicide is one of the most common crimes committed, between 15-24 years of age. It was estimated that over a half of all Teens are suffering from depression causing to attempt suicide. Teenagers are vulnerable to the threat of suicide, adding the stress in school, work and peers also dealing with hormonal fluctuations that are complicated even the most normal situations. Because of some social and personal changes, Teens may also at higher risk for depression, which can also increase feelings of despair and desire to commit suicide. In fact, the people who commit suicide suffer from a mental disorder. Often, teenagers thought there are no other way out to their problems and may not realize that the suicidal thoughts and the feelings can be treated.

There is some good news, many parents can watch their teen without necessarily needing their teen to open up to them. Most of Teenagers are girls who commit suicide because they tend to turn to drugs like overdosing or to cut themselves, while boys are traditionally more successful in their suicide attempts because they are utilize more lethal method such as guns and hanging. In the Philippines, the suicide rate among Filipinos has gone up in the last 21 years with the majority of cases involving young people aged 24 years old and below, according to studies.

They also showed that in most instances, the person who committed suicide did so during summer or in the morning when all family members had gone off to work or school, leaving the house empty. Meanwhile, a study of around 300 cases collected from the records of hospitals and the police in 2008 and 2009 also revealed that the majority of suicides were carried out at home during summer, particularly during the Lenten season when Catholics observe fasting, prayer and penitence. (Copyright © 2013, Philippine Daily Inquirer.)

Statement of study

This study focuses more about Teenage suicide in the Philippines, and why is it suicide attempts is so common among teenagers. To know more about this study this questions are needed:

1. Why is suicide common among teenagers?
2. Are all Suicidal people depressed or mentally ill?
3. What are the common methods used in committing suicide?
4. What are some of the problems why teenagers commit suicide?

Significance of the study

The importance of this research is to aware of Teenage Suicidal attempts

Scope and Delimitation

This research was determined by learning more about Teenage Suicide in the Philippines. Specifically, this research deals with suicide among teenagers, are all suicidal people depressed or mentally ill, common methods used on committing suicide, and some of the problems why teenagers commits suicide. The respondents involved in this research are the teenagers living in the Philippines, and teenagers that had tried to attempt to do this matter.

Chapter 2

Review of related literature
In the Philippines there are many cases of cyber bullying that causing teenagers to commit suicide. Teenager is involved into cyber bullying nowadays, by posting picture’s for own purpose to make fun of others that some of the teenagers tried to commit suicide because they think to be ashamed

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