Technology Essay Examples

Basic hygiene practices for food preparation and cooking

Every day people get ill from the food they eat. Micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and moulds found in food can cause food poisoning, leading to a whole host of unpleasant symptoms, such as stomach pains, diarrhoea and vomiting. Food poisoning can sometimes lead to gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and bowel), or more serious health… View Article

Invention of the Internet

Technology has also been a part of our daily lives. The implementation of technology influences the values of a society by changing expectations and realities. New inventions of technology are usually created to simplify life somehow. One of the greatest inventions in the last hundred years is the internet. The ever expanding internet has revolutionized… View Article

There will come soft rains

Furthermore, it is Ironic that such a sophisticated example of technology, the computerized house, can be destroyed by nature, represented by the tree limb which crashes through the window and starts the fire. The use of metaphors and the irony makes the reader think about the way they are living their own life, which then… View Article

The roles and impacts of computers and communications technology

What are the roles and impacts of computers and communications technology in the increase of trans-border economic activity? I am specifically going to speak about foreign workers handling UK consumer calls and IT jobs in general, better known as offshoring or out-sourcing. Below I have tried to out-line some of the good and bad points… View Article

The social setting that I will observe is BRORA

The social setting that I will observe is BRORA, a cashmere clothing shop that operates every day except on Sunday. It is situated on 344 Kings road at Chelsea. Until now I have conducted several days of observation and I have developed some basic analytic insights. Gaining access to every sector in the shop including… View Article

Technology and Innovation

According to Sakiki Fukada-Parr the prominent author of a UNDP report on technology and development suggests, electronic communications help make societies less hierarchical. He quotes “no one can see the cut of your suit, and no secretary blocks your path to the minister’s office.” “Junior employee’s who would never have dared knock on a chief… View Article

Taylorism Is An Outmoded And Outdated Form Of Technical Control

Perfected by Henry Ford, Taylorism was developed in the early 20th Century and was a revolutionary outlook on scientific management. Its aim was to make the workplace a science, taking all control away from the worker and placing total power in the hands of management. By observing workers behaviour and how long it was taking… View Article

A wide range of technologies

In this report I will describe a wide range of technologies used by John Smith. John was involved in a car accident 5 years ago where he lost the use of his legs and also injured his spinal cord. He has used a wheel chair ever since. He works as a lecturer at imperial university… View Article

Product Design – analysis of the XBox 360

Introduction: The reason that I have chosen the Xbox as the item to do this project on is because of the following reasons. * It has several add-ons which can be used and are used on a constant basis * I am an Xbox owner myself and know its pros and cons and know a… View Article

Describe and explain the value of industrial location models

What is an industrial location model? [5] 1) A model is a mathematical representation that is used to show why patterns have occurred, or to predict how things will occur in the future. A location model shows why certain things have located in certain spaces and aims to show where they will locate in the… View Article

I.T. Project – Converting a Card Index System to a Database

The present system is based on the manual card index system so most of the work is done by hand, however due to the ever increasing growth of technology, and the internet, a wide range of resources are now being made easily accessible. British Airways has recently introduced booking online, where customers can book a… View Article

The Impact of ICT on a Person With Special/Particular Needs

Over 10% of the world’s population suffers from a variety of different disabilities. These different disabilities all hold certain negative effects on each person affecting their ability to work as effectively as their co-workers, understand and comprehend things as easily as others, focus and concentrate on topics at hand or affecting the movement of a… View Article

Dark side of technology

The nature of these machines makes it possible for discrimination against ordinary persons. Ordinary persons who may have a predisposition towards certain tendencies could be found out and victimised even though they have yet to commit a crime they have the brain pattern of a criminal. This is the dark side of technology. More research is… View Article

Developments in reproductive technology

With reference to relevant ethical theories, explain the arguments used to support developments in reproductive technology. [35] Reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection have undoubtedly brought much joy to many people, and therefore many ethical systems support its development. A good place to start when considering the… View Article

High-tech crime (computer crime)

High-tech crime (computer crime) is the use of technology to commit a crime. It is the biggest tech related threat to the society. According to the 2011 Norton Cybercrime Report, in 2010 more than 430 million adults were victimized at a cost of US$388-billion in direct and indirect losses from computer crime world wide. The… View Article