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Tandem Club Essay

Angela and David Williams have just bought a second hand tandem bicycle and have become members of the UK Tandem club. They would like to encourage others in their area of Yorkshire to join them on cycle rides and social activities and so Angela has decided to set up a Tandem Club in their hometown of Scarborough. They only have i?? 1800 to spend so they have asked me to help them. They need someone to tell them what computer they will need what type of software and any other things they may need to show advertise there tandem club. The User Needs Angela and David want: Advice on Hardware to purchase.

Advice on software to purchase A health and safety checklist A letter template designed to include:  A suitable letterhead/logo Her address and e-mail address  The date  A salutation (Dear Sir, etc. ) Closing (Yours faithfully, etc. )  A scanned copy of her signature  Her title A user guide to enable them to configure their computer to: Automatically save work every 10 minutes  A new toolbar which has a button on it which makes a Tandem Club letter template appear when it is pressed. Hardware information Hardware is split into many groups from input to output and processing to storage.

An input device is information that goes into a computer where as output is getting information out of the computer. Storage is parts that store information and keep it on your computer so as a hardrive. Hardware advice Item Description/Reasoning Advantages Disadvantages Cost Mouse Makes work easier and quicker Very useful for software packages with many keys Only usely have to buttons so it is limited what you can do with it. i?? 5-50 Scanner Allows the user to get images or text on to the computer. A good way to add your own pictures to other software and also to make copies of own pictures

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They can sometime not get the right colours and has a limited size scan also they are quite large. i?? 40-200 Keyboard Must need for text software and is essential for entering text and numbers Very strong and hard to break a good way to speed up inputting information. Is only as good as the user andhas lots of functions that are hard to find out about. i?? 20-50 Digital Camera A quick and easy way of getting your own pictures on to computer without owning a scanner A quick way of getting images on to a computer without owning a scanner and has a massive storage and can sometimes take short films.

They are very expensive and you also have to have a good printer to get the full use of the camera so it’s and expensive bit of hardware i?? 70-500 Monitor You must have to see what you are doing on a computer It is a good way of seeing work interactively and making changes that are wrong with work. It does not have any other functions than viewing information. i?? 80-1000 Printer Is essential if showing your work by hand and a making many copies of the same information. Very useful for keeping a backup information and making mass copies of information.

Quality of output depends on how good the printer, ink and paper are. i?? 40-180 Web Cam It is a good way of showing videos and communicating with people over the internet Very good for making videos and pictures from your computer It has a certain frame rate per second so can usually be unclear and also a blurred pictured i?? 20-70 Hardware advice The main processing unit is what makes your computer your own as this is what tells you what software you have on your computer and everything you have added. This is the most vital part of your computer. Without this you do not own a computer.

Without the other things your computer will still work but without this it won’t. Item Description Central Processing unit This controls the computer actions and performs all the calculations and determines the speed of your computer. Motherboard This is what all the other parts of your computer are plugged into. Port This is where all the other parts are plugged into for example your scanner may be plugged into a USB port. Modem Essential for connection to the internet and sending and receiving email. Hardware Advice Storage Item Description Hard Drive

This is required to store information and the software loaded on to you computer. It usually comes as part of a computer package. Floppy discs These are for transferring information from one computer to another. Only useful for storing small documents such as text. They can be broken ver easily Cd ROM Can only be used to store data if the user has a CDRW. They can be easily scratched but can store much more data. Software Advice Name Use Cost Operating System, e. g. Windows, MSDos This is what allows the user to tell the computer what to do. It usally comes as part of a computer package.i?? 149. 99 Word Processing e. g.

Microsoft Word For producing documents that are mainly used for text Database, e. g. Access For storing and managing information/data in a datbase Spreadsheet, e. g. Excel For managing numerical information and production of graphs WebPage, e. g. Front page Express For producing HTML files which can be put onto there internet Desk top publisher, e. g. Publisher For production of document that contain graphics and text like a newsletter OCR e. g Recognita Standard For use with scanner to read text and scan images e. g. what they use in a supermarket.

Health and Safety checklist – setting up the computer. When setting up your computer you need to be careful and when you are doing this you must remember these points to make sure that your computer is safe and will work for as long as possible:  Computers use electricity  Computers are quite fragile and should not be mistreated as they might break and they are very expensive.  Static electricity can damage your computer  Some parts of hardware can contain hazardous chemicals such as your printer. Steps for setting up a computer  Follow the instructions which should tell you a step you step guide

If a cable does not fit do not force it as it may break it which will then become useless.  Do not tangle the wires as this could break them Leave the wire tidy otherwise people may trip over them and hurt themselves  Do not turn on the power until all of your components are correctly fitted as this could cause an electric shock Maintaining Computers Safely When updating your computer:  To avoid electrical shocks always turn off and unplug power cables before touching any internal parts of the computer. Never force a part or force together any part of the computer.

Always work with an anti static mat and make sure you have discharged and static charge you may be carrying before you touch any internal parts of the computer  When changing ink cartridges make sure you get rid of the cartridge properly When moving your computer take car handling the parts of the computer. Health and Safety Checklist What to do? Why Check the height of the monitor Check the tilt of the monitor Do not use constantly for long periods of time Keep drinks and food away from the computer Consider buying a wrist band Have your computer checked for electrical safety.

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