Syndrome Essay Examples

Interdisciplinary approach in understanding suicide syndrome

The data and research on suicide provided us a lot of statistics which is intellectually inviting to package into a neat conceptual frame from different disciplines so we can see possible interrelationships and more important we can view the coincidental everyday events follow certain trends. Suicide which is a complex act could for example be… View Article

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SARS is a highly contagious ailment, whose indications closely resemble those of influenza. Some of the symptoms of SARS are chills, headaches, muscle pains, sore throat and high fever. As the disease continues, there is an onset of pneumonia, which can prove to be fatal. In this context, the World Health Organization had estimated that… View Article

Pathophysiology of Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), sometimes called, Stein-Leventhal Syndrome is a syndrome involving defects in primary cellular control mechanisms that result in the expression of chronic anovulation and hyperandrogenism. The remarkable diversity in the endocrine profiles of women with PCOS has led to search for some unifying principles to explain the etiology of PCOS at the… View Article

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

This article is about a 58 year old man, Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from a stroke seven years ago. He has a condition called “locked-in syndrome” (LIS), a rare state where one’s mind is still intact but their bodies are paralyzed. Mr. Nicklinson communicates through an electronic board or a special computer. He claims that… View Article


As much as i love to learn about commonly known dieseases in class one diesease that striked me as i was watching a tv show last year was progeria. Progeria is derived from the Greek work meaning prematurely old. Jonathan Hutchinson and Hastings Gilford discovered the syndrome in 1886. The name Hutchinson Gilford progeria syndrome… View Article

Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome refers to a group of psychological symptoms that occur in some persons in a captive or hostage situation. It has received considerable media publicity in recent years because it has been used to explain the behavior of such well-known kidnapping victims as Patty Hearst (1974) and Elizabeth Smart (2002). The term takes its… View Article


Hayley Okines is just like any girl her age. She loves going to school and spending time with her friends. She goes on sleepovers and loves playing computer games. However, Hayley Okines is not like any other girl her age because Hayley Okines is a 12-year old girl with a 96-year old body (Bates, 2010)…. View Article

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time review

Plot: Christopher Boone lives with his father in a village. His mother died when he was younger from a heart-attack and the dad was left alone with the challenge of upbringing an autistic child who does not respond like a normal child would. The father has limited money and mental stimulants for the child and… View Article

Right carpal tunnel syndrome

The patient was placed in the supine position on the operating room table, where her right hand and forearm were prepped with Betadine and draped in a sterile fashion. We infiltrated the thenar crease area with 1% Xylocaine, and once adequate anesthesia had been achieved, we exsanguinated the hand and forearm with an Esmarch bandage…. View Article

Understand how to support individuals with autistic spectrum conditions

1.1 It is important to recognise that each person on the autistic spectrum has their own individual abilities, needs, strengths, gifts and interests because no two individuals are the same. People on the autistic spectrum have their own set of unique characteristics and vary from one to another in terms of their abilities. Some clients may… View Article