Symbolism Essay Examples

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Symbolism

The novel of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. Robert Louis Stevenson was a man who grew up in Edinburgh; this was a known as a city with two sides. As a student he led a double life. This is a bit like Dr Jekyll throughout the novel…. View Article

Symbolism in Steinbeck’s “The Chrysanthemums”

“The Chrysanthemums” is one of the short stories of the famous American writer John Steinbeck.. Symbols are an essential part of the great short story, because they give the reader more to think about. In this essay, I would like to focus on the usage of symbols in this short story The short story is… View Article

How Golding uses Symbolism effectively?

Introduction: Symbolism plays an important role in Lord of the flies. Each of the symbols stands for something and has importance in the story. The symbols that we will explore are the Island, the Fire, Piggy’s glasses, the Conch, the Names, the Beast, the Pigs Head and the fable. The novel is about a plane… View Article

Symbolism in Lord of The Flies

What message does Golding attempt to convey through symbolism in Lord of The Flies? In the book ‘Lord of the Flies’ (LOTF) William Golding tries to convey strong messages through a story of mankind in its purest form. He uses symbols to show * the disintegration of order, leadership and civilisation * the primary disregard… View Article

Alice Walker Uses Symbolism to Address Three Issues

Born on February 9, 1944 in Eatonton, Georgia, Alice Malsenior Walker was the eighth and youngest child of poor sharecroppers. Her father’s great-great-great grandmother, Mary Poole was a slave, forced to walk from Virginia to Georgia with a baby in each arm. Walker is deeply proud of her cultural heritage. In addition to her literary… View Article

Symbolism and “A Rose for Emily”

William Faulkner used many symbols in writing “A Rose for Emily.” There is the omnipresent symbol of time, connecting Emily’s past with her present. Faulkner uses the tax bill as a symbol of the community, from which Emily is removed. Even Emily is herself a symbol. She is, Faulkner says, a monument, albeit one that… View Article

The Bracelet: An Eternal Jewelry Piece, a Vessel of Symbols

Bracelets have existed since the ancient era. Many suspected that it was during ancient Rome that bracelets proliferated (Matsen, Jewelry-Paideia webpage). Bracelets are one of the oldest jewelry pieces every created from metals before an array of variations have sprung up throughout its history. It became one of the timeless jewelry pieces ever made, as… View Article

The Importance Of Symbolism In Three Short Stories

Symbolism is an integral part of literature.  It allows the writer to create for the reader multiple layers of meaning in an indirect manner, almost at an unconscious level.  At its most basic, this representation can be an almost one-for-one transposition, but the most skilful and enthralling literature allows for multiple possible readings, making it… View Article

Symbolism in The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

A woman’s role in today’s society is one where she can better herself through her career and who and whether she marries is her choice. In the Victorian world of Guy De Maupassant while writing The Necklace in the year nineteen eighty-five, the world is different. One of the most powerful women in the world… View Article

Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie

Introduction Thesis: Tennessee Williams’ Glass Menagerie, uses symbolism to explain how illusion is used as as an escape from reality in the lives of the Wingfield family. The four major symbols used in the play are: Laura’s Glass Menagerie (subtopic 1); the Fire Escape (subtopic 2); the Glass Unicorn (subtopic 3); and “Blue Roses” (subtopic… View Article

Symbol of Shame

Symbolism in literature is the hidden meaning in a piece of work. It is used to represent moral and/ or religious values and beliefs. As time goes on in the world, society and what makes up society changes. In today’s sense, pride is based on the individualism that one has developed. The diversity in today’s… View Article

Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Steinbeck’s “The Chrysanthemums

“The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman are short stories which have a female protagonist struggling through a suffocating marriage and living in a society that says that women can not exist outside of marriage. “The Chrysanthemums” written by John Steinbeck is a story about a woman worn and… View Article

Pierre Bourdieu and Social Construction of Reality

Introduction             Berger and Luckmann in their book, Social Construction of Reality did not only seriously dealt with several sociological themes, they also attempted to found a new idea of the ‘sociology of knowledge’. They provided an introduction to Schutz and social phenomenology and established a theoretical background for later works, especially in the fields… View Article

Edvard Munch The Scream and The Sick Child

Edvard Munch was born in Norway in 1863 and became a troubled artist after he was influenced by many older impressionists. Most of his work is a reflection of impressionism and tells a story that is mostly dark or consist of death, illness, anxiety, pain, or fear. His paintings also are influenced by the heartache… View Article

A Probe into Literary Symbolism

““This here is my name, to begin with,” he said. ARNOLD FRIEND was written in tarlike black letters on the side…” (Oates, 33). This self-introduction of Arnold Friend in Joyce Carol Oates’ Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? sums up the allegorical irony which is also to be found in Good Country People… View Article