Substance Essay Examples

The Benefits of Cross-training in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The proposed study primarily aims to identify the advantages of cross-training in mental health and substance abuse for the Mental Health Director to consider a cross-training program implementation. In general, cross-training allows employees to learn other responsibilities in addition to their own tasks because they share knowledge and skills, address each other’s concerns or issues,… View Article

IPM on Beetles

The best way to control the beetles and simultaneously not affecting the vegetable crops and the bee pollination is to adapt the integrated pest management (IPM) on the farm. In order for the vegetable crops to maximize the yield, you must control pollination of bees that helps in the production of the crop and at… View Article

The soliders that comprise

Herbert, the hamburger soldier, has been assigned to traverse the gastrointestinal tract in order to deliver nutrients and other essential minerals to human being X. He has been tasked to pursue this assignment with three other soldiers, namely Frenchie, the French fries, Chocie, the chocolate shake and Apples, the apple pie. The initial approach to… View Article

Chemistry Module 6 Separation of a Mixture of Solid

This lab experiment was conduct and taught based upon the primary instruction and introduction to mixtures. With this lab I was able to determine and execute the proper separation of a mixture of solids through various means, such as evaporation and filtration. Using these techniques presented the separation of different ingredients from a mixture was… View Article

Melting Point Determination

Identifying an unknown compound can be a difficult task. In identifying a compound, researchers often measure several physical properties: melting point, boiling point, density and observes a few chemical properties: reactivity, acidity, basicity of the compound. The reason for determining several chemical and physical properties of the compound is that it is quite possible for… View Article

Importance of Chemistry in Chosen Profession

The international year of Chemistry (2011) should be the key point in a significant growth of the diffusion of chemistry to show society its importance, how it is necessary, which can provide, in order to put it in the appropriate place to be considered by the public. Different activities have been carried out in almost… View Article

Physics Lab Safety Booklet Example

Why Is Laboratory Safety Important? Lab Safety is important because a safe work space, is a productive work space. When everyone follows all rules and regulations the assignment will get done and no one will be hurt. Some of the chemicals and substances can be harmful if used incorrectly, so there all certain ways we… View Article