Study skills Essay Examples

Study Skills and Infomation Literacy for Students

Excellent study skills and information literacy are essential for the successful path of education in every student’s life. Nowadays, students face more challenges in their daily tasks and duty due to the accelerating progress of information, communication and technology. They have step their feet into the zone of competition among others to obtain outstanding achievements… View Article

Effective Study Skills

Study is the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject and the skills are the ability and capacity acquired through deliberate systematic and sustained effort. For some students the motivation and ability to study comes easily. However for those students for whom it does not it is necessary to develop… View Article

Study Habits

Describing my current study habits is a very easy task. I have been trying to change my study habits since my first semester in college. I have been a Sierra College student for three years. These habits are very simple: “postpone” and “rush”. By “postpone” and “rush” I mean that I always wait till the… View Article

Styles Of Learning

There are three different styles of learning, auditory, visual and tactile. Each one is very different from the other. Visual learners do best by seeing the lessons and even writing the important things. Auditory learners need to hear it and even reading it aloud to do best. Meanwhile tactile do better with hands on approach… View Article

Learning styles

Visual learners use lectures, colors, quietness, and images to learn. I am a visual learner and I prefer quietness when working on an assignment because it helps me focus better on what I am doing. I cannot concentrate with a lot of noise around me. If it is noisy around me it takes me a… View Article

Learning Styles

Learning styles can be described as various ways to approach learning. There is the auditory learner, who learns best from hearing the curriculum said aloud, the tactile kinesthetic learner, who learns best being physically involved with the lesson, and then there is the visual learner. The definition of a visual learner is someone who learns… View Article

Reflection on Case Study

As I look back on my case study and the preparation, I m amazed to find that I learned a lot from this case study. I learned a great deal throughout the entire exercise. This was my first case study of studying nursing; therefore I didn’t have much experience in writing this type of assignment…. View Article