Student Essay Examples

Students with disabilities

Teachers must be taught to develop “sympathy toward others, an appreciation of difference, and an ability to imagine one’s otherness”. a teacher may deal with many things within a single day or with many small things over a period of time but the real test of professional maturity lies in his/her ability to link data… View Article

Students’ understanding

The language interference in students’ can be studied in two areas: students’ cognition and cultural differences of language expression and understanding. The first area is phonologic and psycholinguistic, whereas the second one belongs to the sphere of socio-linguistics and country study. According to the point of view of psycholinguists, the main difficulty in understanding lays… View Article

My Joys and Pains in my SPES

School year ends, different plans comes our way. Vacation here, gimmicks there, or even party everywhere. These are few of the things which drive the satisfaction of students when school is over. But practical students have better idea of spending their vacation wisely and this is to apply for a summer job. Special Program for… View Article

The three demands of being a college student

Modern life offers great opportunities for college graduates. That is why receiving college education is very important in today’s fast dynamic world. However, studying in college puts a lot of responsibilities on the shoulders of students, because they have to experience an increased level of academic requirements and competition, which make them feel more responsible… View Article

Jessica Dirr: The Most Outstanding Law Student

Different people have different callings in life. Some shine above their peers, while others just try to blend in and mix with others. The different challenges that this university give its students provide numerous opportunities to excel in their chosen fields. This academic institute, hones the talents and the knowledge that students have helping them… View Article

Warn of dangerous fellow student

Many other authors are researchers seem to voice the same observations made by Syvertsen et al (2009). Students’ psycho-social development is highly essential and should be integrated in learning curricular to ensure students are exposed to positive developmental behaviors. Relationship enhancement amongst teachers and students cannot be more emphasized than when studies are done and… View Article

Curricular implications of student change

For a strong academic foundation, numeracy and literacy should be maintained or increased. It’s important to note that career awareness is a good mechanism to introduce relevancy to the student academic studies that serves as a motivation to the students. The foundation threshold is meant to be acquired successfully before demonstrating readiness for high school… View Article

Student values and code of conduct

Gone are the days when going college or university was simple, wherein students just have to show up in class, listen, or daydream during the lessons, take exams and hopefully pass the course and after four years complete a degree. Nowadays, a student must be able to comply with all the required coursework, attend regular… View Article

Student survival guide

1. Using Axia’s Educational Resources Axia provides various educational resources. Maximizing its use would also maximize learning. I could go consult its center for writing excellence for writing style guides. It has reviewing services that ensure my grammar and usage is correct, and ensures the originality of my work through the plagiarism software. There is… View Article

Gambling effects thesis

Over the past three decades the gaming industry has expanded at unprecedented rates, growing tenfold since the mid 1970s. Beginning with a shift in policy legalizing state lotteries, widespread casino legalization in the 1990s and the recent advent of online gambling, total gaming revenue expenditures increased by nearly 75% in the past decade alone (AGA,… View Article

CE Student Recounts the Different Faces of His Life

Life as a student, a working student to be exact, is but a small part of my world since there are more things that give color into my life. My relationships with my family, friends, and well girlfriend to be are the other spices of my life. I enjoy doing my hobbies, too. Cheers for… View Article

A Tool for Greater Success as a Student

“This is a book for readers and for those who wish to become readers. Particularly, it is for those whose main purpose in reading books is to gain increased understanding. ” -Alder and Van Doren Summary How to Read a Book written by Alder and van Doren is a guide to attacking reading of all… View Article

Time Management For Adult Student

The biggest challenge for adult students today is not that the subject matter is difficult to understand or to deal with but the fact that there simply isn’t enough time to deal with all the tasks and the added responsibilities of being an adult, especially for those who have their won families.  The most important… View Article

My Time At Richardson

In the years before attending Richardson, I have dealt with several traumatic experiences, including the death of my father. Through these experiences, I have gained the knowledge and understanding necessary to be a more empathetic and caring individual.             Dealing with something as severe as losing a loved one, a person can either lose themselves… View Article

Three Kinds of Students

Every student is unique in his or her own way. To generally categorize kinds of students available they can be categorized into three groups namely below:- The Devoted The Brilliant The maniacal THE DEVOTED These kinds of students always attain Very high grades in all the subjects. They are very hardworking always complete their assignments,… View Article