Stress Essay Examples

How is fear and stress created in Journey’s End?

The play Journey’s End is based upon the author R. C. Sherriff’s experiences during the First World War, after being seriously injured in the battle of Passchendaele in 1917 Sherriff began to write the play reflecting the way he and his comrades lived through the trench warfare. The play was written in 1928; just ten… View Article

Matter and Materials Physics Assignment

Matter and Materials Part 1 Here is a list of definitions of important terms, with the sources of information in brackets: Tensile Stress (1) Tensile stress is the tensional force acting on a solid per unit cross-sectional area. It is represented by the symbol ? and is measured in N m-2 or Pa. (They are… View Article

Long-term stress

The final model of stress is the transactional model. This model represents a combination of both the engineering model and the response model and looks at the balance between the demands (stimulus) made on an individual and the ability of that individual to cope (response) with those demands. The transactional model also explains that there… View Article

Managing Stress and Conflict in the organisation

Following a traumatic incident I and three other Fire-fighters attended in February 2012 I decided to test GAL’s current support mechanisms relating to coping and dealing with stress, in specific PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). In a very short space of time it became very apparent that GAL has no ability either within the company or… View Article

Psychology and Stress

In our world today there are factors that make our life a little more difficult. We all go through these frustrations every day and some more than other are affected by them. These factors come in many different forms, yet they all lay under one category, it is called stress. Stress can impact a person… View Article

Normalization Employeers Productivity

There are several reasons why employers should be careful not to overwork their employers. At the top of that list is securing long term sustainability. Long term sustainability involves mapping out feasible productivity plans that balance workforce output and employee maintenance costs. This means that employers must factor in several other variables aside from net… View Article

The Stress of Avoiding Death: Acceptance as the Will to Power

Friedrich Nietzsche in his philosophical undertakings, expanded on the work of Arthur Schopenhauer and the will to live to include his own theory of the will to power.  Schopenhauer believed that individuals would be driven to their instincts to avoid death at all costs and procreate, as a means of continuing life, through their children. … View Article

Experience and other evidence

Job stress and low pay is a complaint and common reason that people cite for quitting a particular job or changing professions altogether. Low pay simply is a matter of not being able to meet the cost of living for one’s self and family with take home pay. Job stress speaks to the actual work… View Article

Police stress

Introduction Stress is a psychological factor and a common feature of almost every kind of work. But it is important to note that it was only in the mid-70s that industrial psychologists focused their attention on the importance of stress in the workplace. “To serve and protect,” is the law enforcers’ motto as he works… View Article

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in The Things They Carried

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is a psychological disorder that involves extreme cases of anxiety. PTSD comes as a result of an individual’s experience of a highly distressing event wherein there was a threat of grievous physical harm and there was experience of intense psychological stress. An individual is diagnosed with PTSD based on the American… View Article

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

Abstract Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects not only adults but also children. There are four major ways by which traumatic events may affect the psychological state of children: cognitively, affectively, behaviorally and psychosomatically. There are questions as to the sufficiency of the instrumentation used in determining and measuring of the disorder. Studies also show that… View Article

Psychology Stress Coursework

Stressed, unbalanced and permanently under pressure. This is how in the movie “Office Space” Peter, a programmer in a big software company, passes his days and therefore hates his bothersome job, his boss and his whole life. When seeking help in hypnosis the therapist dies suddenly and leaves him back in a state of total… View Article

Arousal, Behavior, Stress, and Affect Worksheet

What are the differences between physiological and psychological needs? Provide examples of each in your response. Need theories postulate that motivation is rooted on the fulfillment of once needs. Therefore, one acts and behaves in order to satisfy a need, there are many kinds and types of needs that several theorists have expounded along the… View Article

Case Study: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The client was a seven year old male at the time of admission. He was active in therapy until about the age of eleven. He had poor socialization skills and was behind in school. The client’s level of social interaction and play was that of a five year old. At school he was seldom included… View Article

Activities Relieve Stress

Stress is described as a negative concept that can affect people’s life or feeling in both physical and mental aspects. Nowadays, people face to stress everywhere. As an illustration, overload of house chores, work, school, children, utilities are mainly reasons cause stress. Little stress can be good motivations for responsibilities, creative, and productivity of work…. View Article