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Stereotypes and Prejudice Essay

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Stereotypes and Prejudice

Stereotypes – Unreliable exaggerated generalizations about all members of a group that do not take individual differences into account. Prejudice – A negative attitude toward on entire category of people such as a racial or ethnic group. Labeling Theory – A sociological approach introduced by Howard Becker that attempts to explain why certain people are viewed as deviants and others engaging in the same behavior are not.

I had to think for a long time before I came up with some positive stereotypes. I feel that although one can mentioned something positive about a group of people it could still be a negative one as well. Case and point all African American people can cook some good fried chicken, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese. I believe that this can be a disappointment when one finds an African American person that can not cook anything at all. In contrast, the negative aspects of stereotypes are American Indian people are perpetuated by the use of tribal names “Redskins” and “Indians” for sports teams. Also, when they say that all black people want to do is live on welfare and be lazy.

Stereotyping is when one is critical of a group of people; for instance, all women that have short hair and dress in baggy clothing are lesbians. Versus prejudice is a negative attitude towards on entire category of people; such as, “that girl over there with that short hair and baggy clothes is a lesbian”. Thus, the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice is that they both are very judgmental to a group or a category of people as well as the meanings of those words can make one feel less than the other person or group of people.

Prejudice has been happening for as long as I have been alive I don’t know if preventing it could happened overnight, but I am certain that with hard work and determination we can change the way people react to each others. Additionally, there are many ways that the nation can get purge prejudice that would be to do away with the desire to exploit, the fear of being threatened, and the need to blame others for one’s failure (Schaefer, 2012). Also, the mass media can reduce prejudice by not requiring specially designed programs, and cooperate organization can indulge in diversity training with their staff members all of these things could provide some of the prejudices that we face in the world.

Schaefer, R. (2012). Prejudice. In Racial and Ethnic Groups (13 ed.). Merrill Prentice Hall.

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