Statue Essay Examples

Civic Center Park

“The noblest sort of heart is that composed of the united will of many citizens” (Robinson, p. 10), and this united will is brought forth by the City Beautiful movement. The core goals of the City Beautiful movement is to create a better city through the development of unity, civic pride, and better citizens. Civic… View Article

“A Few Notes for Orpheus”, by Don Bailey

In the short story “A Few Notes for Orpheus” Don Bailey portrays the protagonist, Jake as an isolated, resentful, and hypocritical man. As the story begins, Jake is sitting alone in his room, living in self-isolation. He is always “telling [himself] that [he] likes [his] privacy, although sometimes he feels _too_ alone. The only contact… View Article

What to Consider When Creating a Memorial

A memorial is a materialistic piece that is intended to make people remember and have an emotional relationship with the event that took place, or person that accomplished a goal or made a great sacrifice that made an impact. What deems something or someone worthy of having a monument created? What should be considered when… View Article

Venus of Willendorf: An Annotated Bibliography

Witcombe, C. 2003. “Women in Prehistory: The “Venus” of Willendorf” Witecombe’s article was useful in describing the material the figure was carved from, oolitic limestone. He described the material as nonnative to the region, which he inferred that the figure must have traveled there from another area. Witecombe also described the method the Venus… View Article

Statuette of Queen Ankhnes-Meryre II and her son, PepyII

Art is not just a means of expression, but a view into our past; a preservation of what was before us. Through paintings, carvings, statues, and architecture, we travel almost as if through a time machine, into history from thousands of years ago. By the careful observation of pieces of art that have been left… View Article