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Statistics Essay Examples

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Research Paper on Statistics on Health Care Prescription Errors

Research Paper on Statistics on Health Care Prescription Errors Introduction Relation between Error in Healthcare prescription and the inconsistency in Technological information Background Information        A lot of errors are occurring within the healthcare field lately. They result from many factors. Among the principle causes of error are related to wrong prescriptions. As…

Draft Statistics on Health Care Prescription Errors

Relation between Error in Healthcare prescription and the inconsistency in Technological information Introduction Background Information        A lot of errors are occurring within the healthcare field lately. They are a result of many factors. Among the principle causes of error are related to wrong prescriptions. As indicated by Benjamin (770), one of the…

Applied Statistics at Grand Canyon University

1. Which patient scored the highest on the preoperative CVLT Acquisition? What was his or her T score? The 3rd patient scored 63 which is the highest CVLT T-score. 2. Which patient scored the lowest on postoperative CVLT Retrieval? What was this patient’s T score? The 4th patient scored the lowest on the postoperative CVLT…



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Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft excel

When are you entitled to deduct interest? If you run a business in part of your home, you are entitled to deduct part of the interest on money you borrowed to buy your home if: part of your home is set aside exclusively as a place of business and is clearly identifiable as such, and…

The Two-Point Threshold

I. Introduction In the two-point threshold experiment it is obtained how close two distinct sharp point can be together for a person to feel two points instead of one. The value of the two-point threshold is the minimal distance at which the subject can feel two distinct points. The principle behind this experiment is the…

Gulf Real Estate Properties

Gulf Real Estate Properties, Inc., is a real estate firm located in southwest Florida. The company, which advertises itself as ” expert in the real estate market, ” monitors condominium sales by collecting data on location, list price, sale price, and number of days it takes to sell each unit. Each condominium is classified as…

Spearman Coefficient Review

Correlation Coefficient remains one of the most important nonparametric measures of statistical dependence between two variables. The Spearman Correlation Coefficient facilitates the assessment of two variables using a monotonic function. This representation is only possible if the variables are perfect monotones of each other and if there are no repeated data values. This enables one…

Statistical methods in medical research

It is a well known fact that statistics can be misleading. They are often used to prove a point and an easily be twisted in favor of that point. Statistics, graphics and database are used in medical field to approve, prove or disapprove theories, analysis and interpretation of ailments, medications and its impact and treatment…

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive statistics is the analysis of data that summarize data in a way such that, meaningful patterns emerge from the data. Descriptive statistics do not allow us to reach to the conclusions beyond the data we have analyzed regarding any hypotheses we might have made. They simply describe our data. Measures of Central Tendency: these…

Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics

  1. Specialty faces the decision of how many Weather Teddy units to order for the coming holiday season. Members of the management team suggested order quantities of 15000, 18000, 24000 or 28000 units. The wide range of order quantities suggested indicate considerable disagreement concerning the market potential. The product management team asks you for…

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics

Over the last four weeks of being in the QNT/351 course our team has learned a lot about researching a hypothesis and understanding the mean. The hypothesis testing begins with the statement and the assumption that determines the population of the mean, (Lind, 2011, p.288.). There are five steps taken which include; state the hypothesis,…

Sensory Evaluation of Chesa Fruit Cookies

The concept of this study is to make use of healthy snack using chesa, a fruit often discarded by many most especially among children. The study was conducted to find out the sensory evaluation and proximate analysis of chesa fruit cookies. Specific objectives are: 1. To determine the level of acceptability of the chesa fruit…

The effect of food source

Background and Hypotheses: Recent studies, most notably Gbaye et al. (2011, 2012), have investigated the sensitivity of bean beetles in the genus Callosobruchus to organophosphate insecticides (OPs). Economically this is important work given that these beetles are pests that threaten agricultural yields of legumes. OPs work by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinerase (AChE) in the beetles….

Importance of Mathematics and statistics to Economics

INTRODUCTION Statistics and mathematics are everything to economics. infact statistics and Mathematics, the economic field wouldn’t even exist. Economist need statistics to represent data, to track and store information, to identify trends, to attribute value and mathematics to calculate those figures.The way to look at the relationship between statistics and economics is that economics is…

Par Inc. Case Study

The management at Par Inc. believes that with the introduction of a cut-resistant, longer-lasting golf ball could increase their market share. A new golf ball coating designed to resist cuts and provide a more durable ball have been developed and tested. A sample of 40 balls of both the new and current models were tested…

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