Stanley Essay Examples

Camp Green Lake – Stanley’s sample letter

Can you believe it? I’m still alive! Even after having lived in this hell for about a month, I’m still alive. I can’t tell you how bad this place is, but I’ll try my best. It’s nowhere even close to what we thought it would be like, ‘Camp Fun&Games’, To begin with, despite the name,… View Article

Blanche, Stella, Stanley and Mitch

She keeps remembering the night that he died and the exact conversation they had she uses vague expression when she talks about him and she keeps his letters to her very closely. I think the reason why Blanche has these dramatic flashbacks is that she has not found a partner to comfort her and let… View Article

The story progresses

Holes-How did Stanley’s character change and develop as the story progresses? This is a story about a boy by the name of Stanley Yelnats who is sent to a juvenile detention centre called Camp Green Lake due to a slight miscarriage of justice. In the detention centre Stanley is forced to dig holes to build… View Article

Scene description of A streetcar named desire

In Scene 3, the men are playing poker at Stella and Stanelys. Drinks are strewn everywhere and the men are playing cards, drinking and talking. Mitch announces he has to go back to look after his mother. He goes to the bathroom before he leaves and bumps into Blanche. They start talking to each other… View Article

Magnolia – sequence review

But the sky is cloudy, still I would like to assume that Stanley likes arriving at his school. The second sequence focuses on a different character the Grown up ex-boy genius Donnie Smith. Just as in the first sequence from this clip we have a fast tracking shot into a television, which then fills and… View Article

Tennessee Williams

Elia Kazan once said of Tennessee Williams that ‘Everything in his life is in his plays, and everything in his plays is in his life. ‘ This statement could not possibly be more correct as every main character in ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ whether it is their situation, physical description or personality traits can… View Article