Standard Essay Examples

The Reasonable Doubt Standard

The Sixth Amendment dictates that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury… ” (The U. S. Constitution). In order to comply with this constitutional mandate, American jurisprudence has developed what is called the “reasonable doubt standard”. This rule states that a juror… View Article

OSHA, Benefit Pension Plan, & Contribution Pension Plan

Who is responsible for establishing OSHA standards? The “Congress” contributed largely to the establishment of “OSHA Standards” (US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2007, n. p. ). If it weren’t for the “Occupational Safety and Health Act” passed by the Congress and signed by President Richard Nixon on 1970, then “OSHA Standards”… View Article

Learning Team Reflection

Introduction In business, quality refers measures of excellence and remaining free of defects, deficiencies, and significant variations. Quality products or services are brought about by the commitment to abide by certain standards. These standards are put in place to maintain customer or user satisfaction, (Business, 2014). In this paper, Learning Team A will discuss… View Article

Work Within A Relevant Legal And Ethical Frame

Assessment activity 1 1. Why is it necessary for employees to demonstrate, in all the work they undertake, an understanding of the legal responsibilities and obligations of the work role? It is necessary for employees to demonstrate; in all work they undertake an understanding of the legal responsibilities and obligations of the work role to… View Article

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

What value does a focus on the Gold Standards have for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company? The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company aims to succeed in one of the most logistically complex service businesses. Targeting primarily industry executives, meeting and corporate travel planners and affluent travelers, the Atlanta based company manages 25 luxury hotels that pursue the distinction… View Article

Bureaucratic Control

Lei has found a discrepancy in the time sheets of one of the sandwich shops. It appears that one of the supervisors allowed an employee to put time worked on the time sheet that wasn’t actually worked by the employee. As Lei looks over the employee handbook she finds a handful of problems along with… View Article

New Emission Standards

One of the growing Threats to Harley Davidson’s reign of dominance in US markets has been a growing awareness of the environment. In response to this, the bar for emission standards is continuously raised. In 2010 model year or newer motorcycles emission standards for both HC + NOx were reduced from 1.4 prior to 2010… View Article