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Stages of the story Essay

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Stages of the story

In the Play “A View from the Bridge,” Arthur Miller uses the character of Alfieri in a very interesting way. He serves as the “bridge” and onlooker between the past and the present informing us of the history and the characters by becoming the commentator throughout the play. As a result, hHe acts performs the role of the chorus in as Greek tragedy while communicating with the audience. A Greek tragedy is a play where the central character is led by fate towards a destiny that can’t be escaped.

Arthur Miller originally called the play “An Italian Tragedy” that was based on the idea of a Greek tragedy plot, which included an introduction, climax then resolution. Every play of this type would also contain a protagonist, a chorus and a death. This is the case, as we can see, with “A View from the Bridge”. Alfieri brings the audience into the play allowing him to interact with characters and bring their feelings and emotions to the reader’s attention.

“I gave you my advice, Eddie” shows his interaction with other characters and “this ones name was Eddie Carbone” is when he is talking to the audience. Miller uses the character of Alfieri to give the audience subtle clues as to what will come next. This technique adds considerable meaning to the purpose of Alfieri’s character to lead the reader through the development and stages of the story. Miller creates a role for Alfieri that is convincing and believable by the profession and personality that he is given. Alfieri’s character is a lawyer and he is wealthy, educated and law-abiding.

As a narrator, he represents a stable and reliable feature of the story who has shared a similar life and background to the others. On the surface he seems completely detached from the main characters and their increasingly complicated situations. That is until you find that he too came over from Italy and understands the culture and way of life they associate with their past, besides the hardships they have faced in their lifetime. This makes the distinction between the American way of life he is currently living and the Italian way of his past very clear giving a historical view.

As he is a lawyer, Alfieri does not always see eye-to-eye about the law compared to the people of Red-Hook, who were mostly gangsters although many Americans felt the same way. This is immediately obvious with the arrival of the illegal immigrants. The people of Red-Hook see Alfieri as “unlucky. We’re only thought of in connexion with disasters. ” They see lawyers and priests as the bringers of bad luck as they deal with problems and confessions from committers and victims. ” The law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten.

” Although Alfieri pays close attention to what is going on in the play, he has no influence on or absolute control of what occurs or what will occur,” powerless as I, and the same complaint and watched it run its bloody course”. This introduces the idea of fate, and how it appears that amongst all the events it is a greater force and that the destiny of some of the characters is just meant to be. Alfieri’s role becomes the voice of mankind that accepts the concept of God’s will and the limits of human control during their own lives.

This is shown at the beginning at the play when the narrator suggests that there will be the “ruins in things” introducing the play as a tragedy waiting to occur. This is also evident in Alfieri’s first introductory soliloquy to the audience of Eddie Carbone “his eyes were like tunnels; my first thought was that he committed a crime. ” This quote also expresses Alfieri’s judgement in law and crime, but these views change throughout the play when he becomes more emotionally involved with Eddie and his struggles and status. Later this is repeated in what his role should be as an uncle to Catherine and to his friends, family and relations.

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