Spirit Essay Examples

Renewing The Spirit

The short story, “Big Two-Hearted River” explores the renewal of a scarred spirit. It describes the physical and spiritual journey of Nick Adams, a soldier who suffers World War I shell shock trauma. Consisting of two parts, the story documents Nick going on a camping trip and subsequently cleansing his scarred spirit and renewing himself…. View Article

Spirit and clotted

Free masonry began as a labor union but turned into a fraternal order when its leaders sought to expand their political clout by admitting members of royalty, government officials and other men of influence. Modern masonry is populated primarily by three different personality types; he leaders who are often little more than school yard bullies… View Article

Holy Spirit

Mary Magdalene along with other women visited the tomb of Jesus on Easter Sunday morning to apply fresh spices to the body of Jesus who was crucified on Friday. The agony and pain carried by Mary Magdalene for Jesus has lead to visit Jesus early before the sun rise. As a matter of fact, for… View Article

Landscape, Spirit, and Music

Anne Boyd’s “Landscape, Spirit, and Music: An Australian Story” is a substantive view on the integration of the landscape of a distinct culture represented by aboriginal beliefs and traditions to Australia’s inimitable non-Indigenous music industry. Boyd said, “it is possible to see something of the significance of music in constructing an ‘inspirited’ relationship with landscape… View Article

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal is a general term (coined c. 1915–1920) that designates(indicate) experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation” or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure.Paranormal phenomena are distinct from certain hypothetical entities, such as dark matter and dark energy, only insofar as… View Article