Soviet Union Essay Examples

The interpretation that Lenin was a dictator

Historians such as Pipes and Volkogonov have made the interpretation that Lenin was a dictator. As he adopted policies such as War Communism and the establishment of the Cheka. However their historical accounts can be challenged, due to their personal opinions. Other historians, such as Hill, believe that Lenin was not a dictator, as his… View Article

The secret police Propaganda and the cult of personality

The following were equally important reasons why Stalin was able to hold on to power in the Soviet Union: The purges and show trials The secret police Propaganda and the cult of personality Stalin’s economic policies Explain how far you agree with this statement There are a number of reasons why I partially agree with… View Article

Lord of the Flies- What Is Evil and Where Does It Come from?

Prompt: What is evil and where does it come from? Support your answer with Lord of the Flies and your own example. Two direct quotes needed: one for each body paragraph about Lord of the Flies. Where does evil come from? Was Lord of the Flies written to answer this question? William Golding wrote this… View Article

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (abbreviated USSR), otherwise called the Soviet Union, was a constitutionally-based socialist state that existed in Eurasia from 1922 to 1991. It emerged from the Russian Empire after 1917 Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War that occurred from 1918–1921; the USSR emerged as a union of several Soviet republics…. View Article

Women in Stalinist Russia

After the Bolsheviks came into power, they under the leadership of Lenin started a movement of social reform which was meant to break down the existing tsarist social system and to abolish all ‘bourgeois’ aspects of the system . It was at this time that Lenin attacked the institution of marriage which was considered bourgeois… View Article

The USSR Under Stalin

1)a) Evidence in Source D that suggests that Stalin’s motive for the mass arrests of the late 1930s was to obtain slave labor is that “the mass arrest of the late 1930s may have been carried out to satisfy Stalin’s desire for slave labor,” and “more prison laborers were urgently needed.” b) In Source D,… View Article

USSR History

The peasant women collectivization took place in the era between 1928 and 1932 (Lynne, 1992). This collectiveness can be seen as a modern day social movement geared towards fighting for human rights. The peasant women proved their political maturity through making efforts to fight for their rights in a country where opposition was unheard of…. View Article

Soviet Union

The belief that the Soviet Union was a deadly enemy that threatened the well-being and security of the United States was the central tenet of Regan’s approach to foreign policy. He was the Russians as bent on world revolution, ready to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat to advance their cause. Citing what he… View Article

Dictatorship Definition

Dictatorship as a form of government is not new. It was a recognised institution in the republican Rome where normally the authority of government was vested in two presidents called Consuls. In times of emergency the Romans used to appoint a Director to supersede the Consuls, granting him supreme powers to meet the crisis. But… View Article

Hitler Vs. Stalin

Many historians consider tyrants – Hitler and Stalin – and their ideologies to be quite similar. These two despots were the most famous and probably the bloodiest dictators in this period. No wonder these two are compared to one another. In addition, the scheme of taking power by any autocrat seems to be very simple:… View Article

How similar were Stalin and Hitler?

The dictatorships of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin cost many innocent people their lives and caused mass panic and paranoia. By examining evidence, it is clear the two are quite similar in some ways but also totally different. Whilst both of their family lives and their ways of controlling their regimes were very alike, their… View Article

Human Resources Management

There exist major differences between the Brunei HRM compared to HRM in the western world. In the western world, the governments are mainly democratic. The business or the private sector is not in any way under the direction of the government or an individual. However, the Brunei government is a monarchy where the Sultan is… View Article

To What Extent was Gorbachev to blame for the Collapse of the USSR

Gorbachev was to blame for the collapse of the USSR for various reasons, mainly because of his two new policies, ‘Glasnost’ (New Freedom and Openness) and ‘Perestroika’ (Economic Restructuring). However, there were a few external factors which helped cause the collapse of the USSR, such as the effect Yeltsin had on Russia and how countries… View Article

Economics The Russian Experience

The economy of the Soviet Union was based on a system of state ownership and administrative planning which meant that the state was the single decision organ in economic matters. The economic growth was guided by what was then called Five Year Plans crafted by the national decision makers appointed by the state. This approach… View Article