Sources Essay Examples

Main sources of water pollution in urban areas versus rural areas

Water constitutes approximately 70 percent of the earth’s surface and therefore it is a significant resource (Krantz and Kifferstein (n. d. ). It is a vital resource for without water, life would cease to exist on earth. It is however unfortunate that despite being a precious commodity, water pollution is existent everywhere ranging from the… View Article

Energy Sources

A natural environment is made up of naturally occurring living and non-living things. The environment in which we live in apart from having some natural components has man made components. The environment provides human beings with their various needs, energy being one of them. This makes it very critical for people to conserve the environment…. View Article

Alternative Energy Sources: A look to the future

When we wake up, usually the fist thing that goes through our minds, excpet for the fact that we have to brush our teeth and wash our faces, is what to eat. We then haul our sleepy and hungry frames to the kitchen and look what’s in the fridge. When we see what we want,… View Article

Evaluating Sources

The following resources are deemed relevant to be reviewed to enrich the thesis that the story “Two Kinds” demonstrates that the American dream is an impossible goal for immigrants: 1. Hochschild, Jennifer. Facing Up to the American Dreams: Race, Class and Soul of the Nations. US: Princeton University Press, 1995. The books is very informative… View Article

Evaluating/analyzing sources

The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze and evaluate the different strategies that the news channels and media services play with in order to report news and events from all over the world to all over the world. Viewers today are spread all over the world. The same news, the same and event… View Article

Evaluating Internet Sources

The Internet is a great place, especially for students, because it has a vast number of information that can be used for academic purposes. Young people are very much updated when it comes to technology and prefers to do things with their gadgets and computers. Due to this, most companies and organizations have put up… View Article

Evaluating Information Sources

The site covers all significant information regarding heredity and traits of offspring with emphasis on the genotype and phenotype of an organism. It is exactly what I needed for the topic I’m researching for. It actually covered most of the necessary information that I need. The work was written in 2004. Although it was nearly… View Article

Global Sources of Cotton Pajamas from Potential Sources

Global sourcing has always been an effective strategy in drawing cost effective sources to improve and re-evaluate one’s purchasing responsibilities. Problems encountered such as trade embargo as a result of international dispute may arise and thus, other areas must be considered to obtain products. Cotton is a very important textile fiber in the world having… View Article

Guidelines in Choosing Data, Materials and Sources

For any research, the next important thing after defining your topic and thesis statement is the use of the choice of the kind of resources, date and material that you will use in the project. It is important to note that in every project, the choice of your data and material will greatly influence the… View Article