Solubility Essay Examples

Gravimetric Analysis report

SynopsisThe objective is to determine the amount of Sulphate in anhydrous Barium Sulphate precipitate by gravimetric method. Gravimetric method is by the quantitative determination of the mass of anhydrous Barium Sulphate precipitate. Barium sulphate precipitate is form when Barium Chloride is added excessively to a hot given Sulphate solution slightly acidified with concentrated Hydrochloride acid…. View Article

Comparative Investigation of Organic Compounds

Abstract Organic compunds were examined to a comparative investigation to differentiate the properties of each sample. The physical state at room temperature, odor and color of the sample were noted by simple observation. In terms of solubility in H2O, 5% NaOH solution and 5% HCl solution, the samples were classified as to miscible, slightly immiscible… View Article

Identifying a Constituent of “Panacetin”

The Consulting Chemists Institute has been asked to analyze the drug preparation of Aspirin to find out what percentages of aspirin, sucrose, and drug preparation. The purpose of this experiment was to determine the unknown component of panacetin. Panacetin contains aspirin, sucrose, and an unknown component. Dichloromate reacts with Panacetin to produce the sucrose as… View Article

Gravimetric Analysis & Determination of an Unknown Metal Carbonate

A large variety of analytical techniques and procedures, ranging from instrumental methods such as spectroscopy and chromatography to more classical processes, such as qualitative and gravimetric analyses, have been used to help chemists identify unknown compounds. Gravimetric analysis is a type of quantitative analysis, concerned with determining how much of one or more constituents is… View Article

A mixture containing

1.)How does the use of fluted filter paper hasten filtration? Why is it advisable to place a small piece of wire between the funnel and the mouth of the flask during hot filtration? The way the fluted filter paper is folded hastens filtration because it increases the surface area of the filter paper, giving the… View Article

An Introduction to Qualitative Analysis

Procedure Part I – Qualitative Analysis of Group 2 Elements Mix 0.02M K2CrO4 with each Mg(NO3)2, Ca(NO3)2, Sr(NO3)2 and Ba(NO3)2 together. Secondly, mix 0.1M (NH4)2C2O4 instead of 0.02M K2CrO4 together with the same reactants used before. Thirdly, mix 0.1M Na2SO4 with those reactants. Then, mix 0.1M NaOH with the same reactants used before again. Some… View Article

Analysis of Solutions Containing

This experiment continues the qualitative analysis begun in Experiment 19. Here we will be analyzing solutions to determine the presence of anions. The same techniques that were used for the cation analysis must be used for the anions. If you have not carried out Experiment 19, read the introductory section before starting this experiment. The… View Article