Soil Essay Examples

Composting and Plant Growth

Vermicomposting, as an industrial process, was originally developed to remove unwanted organic materials from the agricultural and industrial waste streams. The derived product: earthworm castings, is now recognized as a high value material which, when blended with soil, can restore soil tilth by correcting the imbalances caused by the over-utilization of petrol-chemical based fertilizers; thus… View Article

Different Types of Soils in India

1. Black soils The principal region of black soils is the Deccan plateau and its periphery extending from 8°45’to 26o north latitude and 68o to 83o45′ east longitude. They are formed from Deccan basalt trap rocks and occur in areas under the monsoon climate, mostly of semi-arid and sub-humid types. The overall climate of black… View Article

What is soil erosion?

What are the negative impacts of soil erosion? Define overgrazing, overcultivation, and deforestation. Include ideas on what people can do differently to reduce the impact of these three practices on soil erosion. Provide examples of where this happens both locally and regionally. Within the examples list the specific consequences. Soil is naturally removed by the… View Article

An essay on drought

Others, such as the drought of 1982±83, can affectmore than half of the country. Droughts can beshort and intense, such as the drought that lastedfrom 1 April 1982 to 28 February 1983; or they canbe long lived, such as the drought from 1 March1991 to 31 December 1995. When drought comes to Australia, agriculturesuffers first… View Article

Investigatory Project

Soil is a complex mixture of inorganic materials with variable amounts of air and water. The inorganic materials includes clay, silt, sand, gravel and rocks. Soil is a variable mixture of minerals, inorganic matter, and water, making it capable of supporting plant life. But as the time passes by, problems arise in relevance to soil… View Article