Socrates Essay Examples

Plato’s Socrates

In order for the concept of wisdom to carry any viable weight in the affairs of the world, it is necessary for said concept to acknowledge the link between wisdom as an abstract idea and wisdom as a guiding principle for pragmatic action. Although other thinkers within the list of writers and philosophers we have… View Article

Socrates’ Justice of an Individual

Justice implies superior character and intelligence while injustice means deficiency in both respects. Therefore, just men are superior in character and intelligence and are more effective in action. As injustice implies ignorance, stupidity and badness, it cannot be superior in character and intelligence. A just man is wiser because he acknowledges the principle of limit…. View Article

The Last Days of Socrates

This book gives a good overview of many of Western philosophy’s foundational thinker. Plato uses Socrates numerous times in his writings to espouse his views on values, and continues to do so specifically in “Crito. ” The story takes place after Socrates is condemned to death. Crito visits Socrates in his cell and tries to… View Article

work of Socrates

Plato places Socrates as a man who makes the pursuit of knowledge crucial to attaining happiness and essence of the soul. However, this is not done so for the sake of acquiring knowledge. That is to say, that it is not done for the attaining of knowledge in itself. Rather, it is done so for… View Article

Edward R. Murrow & Socrates

Indestructible courage, persistence and public service drove both Socrates and Murrow to live their lives with unwavering commitment for truth, critical thinking and unbendable integrity. With these values, Socrates and Murrow made their own lives as vivid examples of truth and veracity. They set the standards for all subsequent Western philosophy and the ideal broadcast… View Article

Was the Death of Socrates Justified

The life and death of Socrates is a topic that can spark great debates. Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who was put on trial for two specific reasons. In the Apology, we learn that the people of Athens claimed that Socrates did not believe in the gods of their city, but in other spiritual… View Article


The precise facts about how and why the great Greek philosopher Socrates was sentenced and executed remains one of the biggest puzzles in history, even to this day. Socrates lived and philosophized in Athens, which is said to be the ancient model for a democracy. Yet, it seems like the Athenians sentenced to death a… View Article

Developing Socratic Wisdom

Socrates was an ancient Greek Athenian philosopher known mainly through the accounts and writings of his students, namely Plato and Aristotle. The wisdom of Socrates is depicted numerous times in the dialogues written by Plato. All the Socratic dialogues – Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito – illustrated Socrates’ form of inquiry and discussion between individuals with… View Article

Jesus or Socrates

Franklin’s virtues have everything to do with his plan for moral perfection. By beginning his list with Temperance, he understands the fact that drinking and eating to excess will dull his abilities to concentrate on the other virtues. He lists order and resolution. In order to be able to successfully manage his plan for moral… View Article

Political Philosophy and Plato

Credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, he is an enigmatic figure known chiefly through the accounts of later classical writers, especially the writings of his students Plato and Xenophon, and the plays of his contemporary Aristophanes. Many would claim that Plato’s dialogues are the most comprehensive accounts of Socrates to survive from… View Article

Plato vs Isocrates

Plato encouraged in his writings that the view that sophists were concerned with was “the manipulative aspects of how humans acquire knowledge. ” (Lecture) Sophists believed that only provisional or probable knowledge was available to humans but both Plato and Isocrates did not agree with a lot of what the Sophists had to say. They… View Article

Research Paper on Plato

Abstract Many Philosophers made a difference in society but Plato is perhaps recognized as the most famous. His writings have had a profound effect on people, politics, and the philosophy throughout the centuries. He was a public figure and he made major contributions to society. Plato helped to lay the philosophical foundations of modern culture… View Article

Response Paper on Platos Crito

Socrates argues in the Crito that he shouldn’t escape his death sentence because it isn’t just. Crito and friends can provide the ransom the warden demands. If not for himself, Socrates should escape for the sake of his friends, sons, and those who benefit from his teaching. Socrates and Crito’s argument proceeds from this point…. View Article

Plato and Crito

In Plato’s Crito, Crito attempts to persuade Socrates to flee from his death sentence. However, Crito fails because Socrates presents a counter argument which invalidates much of Crito’s original pleas. Despite this, a fallacy of justice may have been created. Even so, the Republic’s conception of justice seems to have little impact on Socrates’ existing… View Article

Platos Apology

Plato’s Apology is a narrative of the famous speech of Socrates that is made during his trial. Instead of apologizing, Socrates attempts to defend himself and his actions. He is put on trial due to his accusations of corrupting Athens, not acknowledging the same gods as the state, and creating new gods. During his dialogue,… View Article