Socialism Essay Examples

Signals the arrival of socialism

The play was first performed in Moscow in 1945 and as it was a communist state it was obviously going to agree with the message of the play and hence support it and give it the elevation needed for the message to be spread on a wider scale. It was also relevant at the time… View Article

In what ways did popular culture

The entertainment profiteers encouraged a “fai?? ade of classlessness” which would “undermine working class solidarity” 3. This was not good for socialism; for a socialist state to emerge, the workers themselves need to take control. Socialism rests on the premise that the proletariat should be aware and proud of their background, and certainly not aspire… View Article

Julius Nyerere & African Socialism

Socialism as quoted by Julius Nyerere as “the attitude of the mind” and often defined as a system of social organizations producing and distributing goods that are owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy. In a socialistic society it is the attitude of mind, and not the rigid… View Article

Public Policy on Business Competition

Summary American businesses have been at a disadvantage from their foreign competitors due to the flawed economic system and the capitalist economy of the country. The foreign companies have been continuously improving their efficiency and effectiveness in relation to their American counterparts which means that they have now become more competitive and can even surpass… View Article

Utopian Socialists

Robert Owen was one of the founders of socialism ad cooperative movement, which in later years, Karl Marx had named as Utopian Socialist. Utopian ideals were derived from the three pillars his thought: (1) “no one was responsible for his will and his actions because his whole character is formed independently of himself”; this idea… View Article

An Inspector Calls Template Answer

‘An Inspector Calls’ written by J.B Priestly is a play with hidden political morals within it. As Priestly believes in Socialism (treating everybody fairly and equally) he uses the Inspector to convey his ideas to the audience to try and encourage them to see his way of thinking by using a family that is Capitalist… View Article

China’s Reform and Opening-Up Policy

Deng Xiaoping in the eyes of all the Chinese people are very familiar with, because he proposed the reform and opening up policy, China has undergone enormous changes, China not only in the economic, political, cultural, social and other fields, various aspects have made great progress. I will divide my speech into three parts, the… View Article


The years between 1815-1848 saw the rise of a number of related and competing ideologies, one of them being Socialism. Socialism sought economic equality for all, and was very much against the the Laissez Faire ideal of liberalism. There were different forms of socialism as it evolved over the years. Throughout the 19th century, Europe… View Article

The Economic Institutions of Capitalism

Abstract: This study is based on the belief that economic organization is shaped by transaction cost economizing decisions. It sets out the basic principles of transaction cost economics, applies the basic arguments to economic institutions, and develops public policy implications. Any issue that arises, or can be recast as a matter of contracting, is usefully… View Article

Explanatory Concepts in Political Science

Since 1979 there have been dramatic changes in both the structure and organisation of the Labour Party. In part, this was in response to their failure to win a general election between 1979 and 1997. However, the change goes much further than that and can be perceived as a reflection of the continued struggle between… View Article

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

In the book “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair the author gives a critique of the early twentieth century labor practices in the growing cities of the United States. It gives people an opportunity to see all the factors that were going on not only in the meatpacking industry, but also the way working people lived… View Article

Socialist Realism in Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s

Socialist realism, a slogan adopted by the Soviet cultural authorities in 1934 to summarize the requirements of Stalinist dogma in literature: the established techniques of 19th‐century realism were to be used to represent the struggle for socialism in a positive, optimistic light. Socialist realism had its roots in neoclassicism and the traditions of realism in… View Article

Progressive Era: Working Class

Workers during the gilded age were marginalized by their working conditions, low income, and limited working hours. To overcome the marginalization for the working class, they created labor movements and went on strikes. Although the workers had created many strikes and labor unions, they were at the least successful. Workers were marginalized by the poor… View Article

Universal Health Care Is Socialism

Europe is considered one of the most ideal places to live. Its fascinating history and being home to some of the worlds most beautiful sights, who wouldn’t want to live there. While those are great incentives, some educated might argue that there are better amenities if one decides to reside there. Aside from what I… View Article

An Inspector Calls Play

‘An Inspector Calls’ has been called ‘a play of contrasts’. Write about how Priestley presents some of the contrasts in the play. In the play there are wide differences in not only the treatment of Sheila Birling and Eva Smith but also large contrasts in the girls themselves- with Eva being a poor uncared for… View Article