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Social learning theory Essay Examples

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Deviant Behavior / The Social Learning Theory

A person would be considered to be acting in a deviant manner within a social setting if they are violating the established social “norm” within that particular culture. What causes a human being to act in certain ways is a disputed topic among researchers. There are three types of researchers that have tried to answer…

Social Control Theory vs. Social Learning Theory

Social Control Theory vs. Social Learning Theory Abstract Social control theory and social learning theory are two theories that suggest why deviant behavior is chosen to be acted upon by some individuals and not others. Both take a different stance on the issue. Social control theory suggests people’s behavior is based on their bonds to…

The biological perspective and social learning theory (SLT)

I am going to evaluate the biological perspective and social learning theory (SLT) as my 2 psychological approaches to health and social care service provisions. The biological approach is a very closed minded as it can only really be used in health care settings as this is what it was designed for there are many…



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Social Learning Theory

Outline and evaluate the social learning theory as an explanation of aggression (24 marks) The social learning theory states that aggressive behaviour is learnt rather than it being innate. It is first learnt through observation meaning there has to be ability to copy or model the behaviour of the role model. The child must have…

The Social Learning Theory Approach

The Social Learning Theory Approach can be defined as learning behaviour from observing other people and how they are reinforced. This approach represents a shift from radical behaviourism as conditioning can’t account for all learning. The mental and cognitive processes play an important role in the Social Learning Theory as it is based on storing…

The Social Learning Theory of Bandura

The Social Learning Theory of Bandura emphasises the importance of observing and modelling the behaviours, attitudes and emotional reactions of others. The Social Learning Theory explains human behaviour in terms of continuous reciprocal interaction between cognitive, behavioural, an environmental influences, suggesting that behaviour can be learned at the cognitive level through observing other people’s actions….

Social Learning Theory

Albert Bandura proposed the theory of social learning. There are three core concepts. First is the idea that people can learn through observation. Next is the idea that internal mental states are an essential part of this process. Finally, this theory recognizes that just because something has been learned, it does not mean that it…

Brain and Social Learning Theory

1. What aspect of behaviorism made it attractive to critics of the psychoanalytic perspective? How did Piaget’s theory respond to a major limitation of behaviorism? Psychoanalytic theory emphasized on the individual’s unique life. However the theory was criticized because many of its ideas were too vague to be measured or tested for. They mainly focused…

Theories Paper Social Learning Theory

Introduction Social learning theory is one of the most frequently looked at theories in the field of criminology. The theory clarifies that criminal and deviant behavior stems from imitation and reinforcement of one’s environment. Its applications attempt to describe why certain people tend to participate in criminal activities and why others abstain from it. Social…

Application of social learning theory in psychology research

‘Explaining substance use among Puerto Rican adolescents: a partial test of social learning theory’ is an article by Holly Ventura Miller, Wesley G. Jennings, Lorna L. Alverez-Rivera and J. Mitchell Miller. The article is a 2008 publication in the Journal of Drug Issues Volume 38, issue number 1. In this study, Miller et al (2008)…

The Social Learning Theory

Albert Bandura was born in Mundare, Canada in 1925. He was raised in a small farming community in Canada. Bandura received his B.A. degree from the University of the British Columbia in 1949. In 1952, he obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. During his studying at the University Iowa, he developed the social…

Theory of Design and Social Learning Theory

The Gagne-Briggs Theory of Design is in complete contrast with the social learning theory. For Gagne and Briggs, “learning occurs when an individual acquires a particular capability to do something (and since) the learned capability is not observable, we observe the learner’s behavior. ” From these, outcomes are produced. Learning is from within self. Gagne…

Social Learning Theory and Aggression

Social learning theory proposes that social learning occurs when the individual views a modeled behavior that they value, observes an act if the model has a role model or admired status, and when a person imitates a learned behavior (Bandura, & Ribes-Inesta, 1976). The basic foundations of the theory are applied to education policies, understanding…

Key Approaches: the Social Learning Theory Debate

“Outline and evaluate social learning theory. In your answer, make comparisons with at least one other approach in psychology.” – 12 marks Social learning theory states that behaviour is acquired through the observational learning from role models where a person identifies with that person and imitates their behaviour. This means that the behaviour of a…

Social Learning Theory

Key Figures: Montgomery, Rotter and Bandura Key Concepts: Individuals learn through observing others’ behavior, attitudes, and effects of those behaviors. Explanation of Disorder Personality: overly aggressive individuals (i.e. serial killers) Validity: When individuals observe others engaging in certain behaviors, it does not necessarily mean that they are learning that behavior. People need a good reason…

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