Social Evils Essay

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Social Evils

Social Evils, as the name suggests means the presence of something or some deeds existing in society which are not acceptable at all. As we know that every society or community across the seven seas has its pros and cons. Therefore, it would be incorrect to perceive that the world is picture perfect. It is a fact Universally acknowledged that no society is free or spared from the presence of Social Evils. These evils manifest themselves in so many ways that a rational human being is perplexed to discover its existence in various forms.

Each society comprises of both moral and immoral people. Thereby, we can witness the contamination of the society that vanishes its goodness. It also pertains to the fact that the innocent and moral people are adversely affected as they become the target of suffering and agony. The absence of goodness and nobility in a society gives birth to Social Evils and they pave a way for themselves by overshadowing the minds of people. In the present era, the Social Evils are spreading as fast as fire. It is a renowned phrase that:

“A filthy fish can contaminate the entire pond”. Thus, this proverb aptly suites the modern times. We cannot negate the fact that Social Evils have been present eversince Man has started to exist in groups. Man, who is ironically the “higher creation” has degenerated himself to such an extent that the entire surrounding in which he lives tends to have a negative impact as well. “A man is judged according to his actions”. Any conscious person with a sound moral sense is able to notice the vivid deterioration of his or her society.

Whether we believe it or not, Social Evils are present around everybody but it is the individual’s own choice either to adopt them or to reject and protest against them inorder to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in the society. Each person is nevertheless, aware of the presence of Social Evils and considers them as bad, wrong and unacceptable. Yet, they still follow them despite being conscious of their consequences. However, the question is that what causes their occurance and existence? Social Evils project chaos in the society and so their real causes must be determined.

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