Social Essay Examples

Sikes and Fagin and the social conditions

Explore how Dickens depicts the evil aspects of human nature with particular reference to the two characters Sikes and Fagin and the social conditions in which they live. Fagin (THE JEW) Fagin is a master criminal whose specialty is selling stolen property. He employs a gang of thieves, some of them ignorant children and he… View Article

Social and cultural issues

“Hobson’s Choice is not only a comedy but it also deals with historical, social and cultural issues in the 19th Century.” “Some Plays are not only for humour, but provide a deeper meaning to enforce something else.” Plot Synopsis: This play takes place in Salford, near Manchester in 1880. Henry Horatio Hobson is a widower with three… View Article

Social and historical context

How do Mary Shelley’s descriptions of the setting and her use of language in Chapter 5 create tension and excitement and represent the social and historical context of 19th Century England? Frankenstein is the best-selling and most famous piece of work by Mary Shelley. It was first published anonymously in London in 1818; however Shelley’s name… View Article

Frankenstein The Modern Prometheus

Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein also referred to as ‘The Modern Prometheus’ was written in the dark times of 1816. The novel indulges in the work of man playing God and the acts of galvanism; Victor Frankenstein dreams of one day being able to save the ones he loves from illness and maybe even death; but… View Article

Social relations

George Eliot criticised Dickens for ‘encouraging the miserable fallacy that high morality and refined sentiment can grow out of harsh social relations, ignorance and want’. Is this a fair criticism? ‘Never be mean in anything, never be false, never be cruel’, Betsy Trotwood advises David Copperfield, and it is advice that many of Dickens’ characters appear… View Article

Actions and context of social

Hale arrives in Salem and begins to interrogate Abigail. He is very direct and soon Abigail realises that she cannot avoid his questions any more. She knows she must escape his attention but she cannot run otherwise she will look suspicious. Instead, she cleverly implicates Tituba. Abigail constructs her involvement to become the leader of… View Article

Social commentary

Dickens is Famous for his dramatic presentation of character and using them as a device for social commentary. Dickens is famous for his ability to craft complex plots and striking characters that capture the paranoia of English Society. In the novels such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Oliver Twist’, Dickens uses characters such as ‘Scrooge… View Article

Social and Historical Background

Dickens was born in Portsmouth, and his father was a naval clerk. Dickens had a rough upbringing, which tormented him and gave him bitterness towards life. At the age of 12 his father was arrested for being in debt and sentenced to imprisonment. This influenced him into writing novels, because he didn’t want the same… View Article

Social constructivist model

This theory is based upon the idea that children are ‘empty clay tables’ (Tabula Rasa) and that they are capable of being moulded and shaped by adults. It was first developed by the philosopher John Locke (1632-1704). People who work in this way are known as ‘behaviourists’. Transmission model sees people as passive and that… View Article

Social life

I have changed my clients name so I can maintain the confidentiality I am required to keep. My clients name has been changed to ‘Ms X’. I have collected background information in my client so I can identify different positive and negative aspects of their health. I have identified that my client is a 42 year… View Article

Developing effective communication in health and social care

To make my communication interactions with the service user’s in one-to one interaction and group interactions effective I did not use any slang or jargon with the service user’s because we were having a formal interaction therefore the use or jargon or slang was not suitable there. I had to use good communication skills to… View Article

Social development

Most adults reach their full height late teens or early twenties, their peak strength in their mid-twenties and their maximum weight in their middle years. Hearing and vision are at their peak around the age of 20, as is reproductive capacity for women. Most adults are highly active between the ages of 16 and 30…. View Article

Social grade

After analysing my market research, I have concluded that the social grade of the local area is (B) Lower Management, and the average pay is between  25000 and 35000. The majority of the people do shop locally, the main reason being that the local shops cater for their needs. This shows that there would be… View Article

The Social Norms

I chose to break the social norm in an elevator as my experiment. I chose this so that I could actually combine two social norms into one. I chose to stand backwards in the elevator and when there were numerous people in the elevator, but I thought it would be more interesting if I stood… View Article

Social Identity Theory

Although there are some members of the IMML group that are as foreign to us as the BBA’s, we feel more comfortable working with IMML’s because they have the same behavioural characteristics as us, as well as sharing common goals. Tajfel suggests that a reason for this is the need to treat the ‘team’s values… View Article