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Sleep and behavior Essay

Less than what others actually presume to be true, sleep is an essential factor of human development especially concerning young-adults. It is important that people begin to recognize this particular fact if they are to assist themselves in developing to becoming well developed in terms of physical and emotional stability, especially during the years of adolescence. This and the other issues concerned with insufficiency of sleep among adolescents shall be discussed within the paper that follows.

INSUFFICIENT SLEEP AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE BEHAVIOR AND LEARNING PROCEDURES OF ADOLESCENTS Introduction Sleeping is a highly important part of any individual’s development. It could be obviously observed that those who are having lesser hours spent in sleeping usually have a hard time adjusting to the different challenges that they are supposed to face in their daily activities. This is especially true with those who are involved within the developing years towards adulthood (Punjabi 2004).

Most likely, the years that include the adolescent development is within the bracket of those who actually need ample sleep in order to develop properly in terms of behavior, personality as well as with the physical development of the said individuals. It has been noted though that through numerous studies, it has been found out that adolescents are usually having a hard time taking close attention to the way that they sleep (Carskadon Et al 1998).

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Aside from the fact that they are undergoing numerous physical changes and hormonal adjustments, their want of doing many things actually brings them to the dilemma of having problems with sleeping. Statement of the Problem This is the reason why in this particular paper, the problem of adolescent individuals facing the issues on sleep differences shall be discussed in such a way that the focus of the informations presented would be on the major effects of the said issue upon the physical and behavioral development of the adolescent individuals (Thomas 2004).

To be able to outline the said discussion, the following questions shall be carried into consideration: (a) Since adolescents are known to be facing the problems of hormonal changes, how do their bodies react to the said adjustments and how do the changes affect their sleeping patter? (b) It could not be denied that sleeping is a vital part for the human body’s continuous development. If this is the issue, how then could the adolescents face their problems with regards sleeping? Literature Review Sleeping is an essential aspect of growth.

For the young ones who are expected to have ample time to regenerate their body systems, it is important that they are getting enough sleep that is supposed to get them going in the morning. Not being able to gain ample sleep may cause different aspects of changes among the said young individuals. According to Wolfson and Carskadon (1998), numerous areas of human development are affected by the human’s sleep pattern. Most likely, this particularly involves both the physical and emotional stability of the individual.

Concerning this, the study of the said authors outline the different issues that are related with the issue and the ways by which it could be solved through psychological and activity-based adjustments on the part of the adolescents themselves. Constant consideration of sleep’s importance on the development of one in terms of physical and emotional stability shall help the adolescents realize their need of becoming constantly able to gain the sleep that they are particularly supposed to have (Mukhametova et al).

It is undeniable that the major concern in this matter is the way by which the youngsters are able to use the time that they have at the most productive process that could help them grow towards maturity in a better way. The youthful years of a person are his investments towards a better future that is supposed to help him out in becoming a better individual not only for himself but also for the people living around him.

In context, as the study itself portrays, the importance of sleep in such a large scope of involvement may not be seen as easy as it is supposed to be by observers. However, if the behavioral developments of the ones who have been gaining ample hours of sleep while they were still at their adolescent years would be observed, the experiences of the said individuals could attest to the fact that they have been well benefited by their discipline in following a considerably reasonable pattern of sleeping. (Walker 2006) Findings

According to the studies conducted in an aim of identifying the different effects of the differential sleep pattern of adolescents, there is a special link that makes it easier for the readers to understand the issue being presented within this research as well as with the others that have already been completed. The undeniable fact that links the different researches together is that it is quite noticeable that adolescent individuals are usually having a hard time getting their sleep compare to that of the school-age young ones.

Most likely, it has been found out that the different pressures that the said individuals are supposed to face in their own fields of interest [especially including school pressures] they are already having lesser chances of sleeping. This fact includes the idea that the said age actually requires one to spend longer times in recreation than that of the fact that they are interested in being able to rest themselves. (Hobson 1977).

This is the reason why most of the adolescent aged individuals experience the shifting hours of their sleep whereas they are usually awake in the evening and are more pushed to sleep in the earlier hours of the morning. At some point, although the body of the individual already insists that sleep be applied for rest, the mind of the individuals chooses not to just because it ought to do something more than just sleeping. Because of the wanting of becoming able to do more, adolescents find it hard to view the importance of sleeping as it is. Discussions

As a result of the findings, it has been found out that major adjustments in the behavioral and physical progress of he adolescents could be noted as the years pass. At some point, the changes may not be as obvious as immediately as expected. However, as the behavior of the individuals is to be observed, it could be noted that the changes are massive and thus need serious consideration (Hobson 1977). One of the most significant change is that of obvious depression and massive mood changes within the hours of daily activities of the said adolescents.

This particular change occurrence actually makes it harder for the individuals to adjust immediately. However, the changes are usually dependent on the discipline of the individuals themselves. Without the consideration that the individuals put on the importance of sleep in their lives, it is undeniable that the major effects of this problem could not be solved unless discipline is applied well. (Wlaker 2006) Aside from the major mood changes, the study also presents that the academic performance of the young learners is harshly affected.

This is mainly because of the fact that the development of the mind depends on one’s sleep patterns. Once the sleep pattern is given a lesser attention, the capability of the mind to perform well becomes strongly destructed. Hence, as a result, poor grades and lesser ability to perform well in their future jobs become one of the most annoying expectations as the problem continuous to persist among young learners at present. (Walker 2006) Conclusion As repeatedly mentioned in this research, sleep is an undeniable part of human development.

Most of the time however, it is one factor that most people least care about. Because of the fact that some [especially the adolescent individuals] see it as a mere loosing of time, they are less able to enjoy the fact that they are able to regain their strength and their thinking ability through attaining ample time for sleeping and resting. However hard it may seem to get some sleep for young learners today because of the busy lifestyle that they are particularly accustomed with, it is always essential to take notice of the importance of sleep as a major factor of human growth and development.

As noted earlier, failure to gain the ample hours of sleep may result to dreadful situations for the adolescent individual. It is not only the behavior of the individual that is being jeopardized by the said lack of discipline in attaining the sleep necessary for resting one’s body and mind, the capabilities and the skills of the person are also being directly affected as well. Hence, taking the necessary actions needed to fix the said issue should be well considered.

Scheduling the activities as well as arranging the activities for the day should be well recognized as an essential factor of human discipline. Moreover, applying the said suggestions would not only solve the issues brought about by lack of sleep, it would also regulate the capabilities of the individual to perform well in his own appointed tasks.

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