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Should African Americans Receive Reparations Because of Slavery?

We discussed numerous topics during our ethics class concerning reparations and the harsh reality in which blacks lived as they were put into slavery and entire communities were destroyed by rioting. We watched movies and read articles concerning this topic and discussed our ideas. The debate on reparations is an ongoing concern because it reflects… View Article

The abolition of the Slave Trade

“William Wilberforce was primarily responsible for the abolition of the Slave Trade in the British Empire” To what extent do you agree with this statement? William Wilberforce has been accredited almost solely for the abolition of the Slave Trade throughout history, as is suggested in the statement. This view is supported by common misconceptions which… View Article

Slavery: A Recipe for Failure

Slavery: A Recipe for Failure Just as slavery binds slaves to their masters, it also binds masters to a static way of life. This is evidenced by the fact that slaveholders must keep their slaves significantly oppressed with no positive examples of freedom. As shown in A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, masters hold… View Article

Colonial period from 1607 to 1750

During the colonial period from 1607 to 1750 an “American” way of life emerged, differing from Old World European culture. This new lifestyle developed from the interaction of five major groups, including the; Native Americans, Chesapeake colonies, New England colonies, Indentured servants, and African slaves. Each of these peoples contributed ideas, principals, practices, and beliefs… View Article

Black Slavery among the Cherokee Indians

Despite the great attention that Black slavery are getting from different groups and individuals, the plight remains as there are some aspects that need to be further scrutinized and observed. Based on available literature, the slavery on Black tribes has been given only given a limited attention and that there has been a very low… View Article

Frederick Douglass: On Anti-Slavery

Frederick Douglass—the famous icon on the context of ‘classic slave autobiography’ is considerably an eloquent writer which in essence recounts his claim to fame as that who issued the “powerlessness resulting form the social appropriation of discourse. ” Born on the month of February in the year 1818 at Near Easton, Maryland, his works and… View Article

The Screaming Truths of Slavery

In the 1700’s to the1800’s slavery is perceived to be a normal system of association existing among humans. Slavery is extensively practiced specially in the Southern part of the Americas. Slaves are being subjected to difficult and severe kinds of work. Negros is the primary race of men that is subjected in a master and… View Article

Incident of the Life of a Slave Girl

The autobiographical narrative “Incident of the Life of a Slave Girl” unveils casualties of life faced by black women during 19th century. A special attention Harriet Jacobs gives to a sexual relationship with Mr. Sand and moral values of black women. Thesis An “illicit” sexual relationship with Mr. Sand described in the Narrative does not… View Article

Informative Speech over Immigration

As an individual who has witnessed family friends of immigrants that came to this country over 20 years ago in hope of a better future. I understand why so many immigrants are willing to cross a border so dangerous and treacherous to reach a country that is called the land of opportunities. What we call… View Article

The Autobiography of Anti-Slavery: The Philosophy of Olaudah Equiano

Slavery was the norm of 18th century America. American colonial life depended primarily on slave labor, procured mostly from the almost unknown continent of Africa. The “procurement” of slaves in the Western shore of Africa was without suffering or hardship. Most of the slaves were kidnapped from their homeland and chained in ships to be… View Article

The Old Man: John Brown at Harper’s Ferry

The book written by Nelson, Truman John entitled The Old Man: John Brown at Harper’s Ferry, which was published in New York by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in the year 1973 was a sort of a biographical story of the so called martyr, John Brown. In the history of slavery and its legacy, John Brown… View Article

Unredeemed Captives

Slavery is an inhuman practice that was very common in the olden days and was undertaken by many societies globally. Captives used to be captured probably as an indication of victory during the war and the capturers that would be their masters eventually enslaved them. The exercise was taken as a normal routine despite the… View Article

The Witness by Anne Porter

Anne Porter’s The Witness is an interesting tale about a former slave who was struggling to find his new identity in a world that was not so quick to forget about the past. He was looking to let go of the past, but the scars made him come off as angry and difficult to deal… View Article

The Slave Community by John W. Blassingame

            The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South by John W. Blassingame is considered to be one of the first novels that addressed the issue of slavery from the perspective of the slaves. Published in 1972, it analyzes the experiences of slaves in the Antebellum South during a time in history that was… View Article

Quakers Case

This research paper will argue that the evangelicals were embraced mostly by blacks not only because it’s the nearest imitation of their African nature rituals but because they have given support to the abolition of slavery in the United States. Quakers were known to be the most vocal concerning their opposition to slavery; there were… View Article