Skill Essay Examples

Learn a new skill

Work experience is important because it gives you insight into life of the ‘outside’ world. It gives the opportunity of working in a line that can be chosen as a career for future, giving the idea of the qualifications and steps needed to chase for the career you want to adopt. The pleasant news of… View Article

Enlarging My Conversation

Abstract The purpose of this essay is to ascertain what needs to be done concerning my personality that will aid in my efforts to become a better-rounded contributing member of society. I will explore several aspects of this journey and lay them out for you, the reader, in order to give you a clear understanding… View Article

Training Assessment

Any business needs an amount of risk and determination to succeed. Business and companies exist within society and society prescribe behavior norm as to what is expected from this financial group. (Reynolds) Creating a balance between financial, environmental and societal growth is a difficult task but is very critical if one company would like to… View Article

Functional areas of Business

Introduction I work as Vice President for Global Wealth Management at Bank of America with more than 12 years of experience. The functional areas where I need to focus on are developing the leadership and operational skills. Two functional areas of business of interest Having an MBA will help me to grow as a leader… View Article

Speech to Future Global Leaders

Today’s global economy has created a more complex and dynamic environment in which most firms must learn to compete effectively to achieve sustainable growth. With the inception internet-based business, cross-border trade agreements, the ease of international travel, and the like, domestic firms with solely domestic operations serving exclusively domestic client bases are becoming increasingly more… View Article

Skills required by a project manager

The project manager is normally given the authority and the sole responsibility of ensuring that the direction with which a specific project is followed. He works absolutely under the guideline and the goal of the designated project or the whole organization. One of the major responsibilities is to ensure that the end items of the… View Article

Three Essential Qualities of Leadership

What is a leader? According to Kouzes and Posner, leadership is “the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for a shared aspiration”, and indeed, these men go further to posit that leadership transcends a certain mode of behavior, rather, that it is an active set of skills and qualities that is clearly apparent…. View Article

Learning Styles

* Did your personality spectrum profile surprise you? Why or why not? I was and was not surprised on what the results of my personality spectrum were, I have always been aware that I’m an organizer. What surprise me is that organizer is my strongest personality; I would have thought that adventurer would have been… View Article

Personal Plan: Reflection

I was shocked at how closely my career interests and my results were matched. Previous to these career building plans we have been doing, I was almost entirely sure I had chosen the right degree to pursue. Now after doing these activities, they have helped solidify that my career choice is definitely appropriate for me,… View Article

Student Council

To our honorable principal, Mrs. Dianne Derla Atlas, to our hardworking school administrator, Mr. Raymond Go, to our lovable Student Council Adviser, Mrs. Christine Campaña Go, to our faculty and staff and to my fellow collegians, a pleasant afternoon to all of you. I’m Marichelle Lubigan, a III- St. Luke student, under the supervision of… View Article

Technical and Vocational Education

Technical and Vocational Education through open learning trends, developments and issues from a local perspective Technical and Vocational subject areas in many countries seem to be locked to a particular frame work The framework that postulates that TVET is a subject area taught to persons who are academically challenged. It is the notion of many… View Article

Cadet Entrance Response

Compose your own response. What are the most important qualities in becoming a successful USMA cadet and a successful Army officer? Resilience, dedication and leadership are qualities befitting for a successful USMA cadet and a successful Army officer. Resilience is not only an essential quality for becoming a successful cadet or officer, it is also… View Article

Five Traits

1.Define and discuss the importance of the following traits associated with leaders: intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. Is this list all inclusive? a.Intelligence: Having a strong verbal ability, perceptual ability, and reasoning abilities; Leaders intellectual abilities, however, should not differ too much from their subordinates; Intelligence is also defined as a trait that significantly… View Article

How to Develop an Organizational Training Plan

Introduction To achieve its business objectives, an organisation needs people with the right skills and knowledge to be in place at the right time. The Training Plan describes how the organisation is going to achieve this. Creating an Organisational Training Plan: • Is an opportunity for the management team to step back and identify the… View Article

Opportunity Network Application

The best-selling author and motivational speaker Roger Crawford once said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” I have encountered numerous obstacles in my life, but none were as difficult as learning my second language, English. When I moved to the United States in 2009, I knew no English. Thus, my dad… View Article