Singing Essay Examples

Summary – The Frog and the Nightingale

Once upon a time, there lived a frog in Bingle Bog, who croaked all night long from the foot of a sumac tree, in his loud and unpleasant voice. All the creatures hated his “singing” but endured it as they had no other option. He was so stubborn and shameless that nothing from stones to… View Article

Hidden Talents

Everyone is talented at something. It may be sports, drawing, playing a musical instrument, or writing. Some people discover this almost instantly, while others do not realize it at all. Either way, everyone is talented at something. But what’s worse than finding out you are talented at something, even if at a late time in… View Article

Is it Nature or Nurture

You become a certain way because of your nature, or what you are born with, or because of your environment which is nurture. Nature comes from genetics; your talent can be defined by natural talent, intelligence, temperament/attitude and disorders/conditions. Determination is the gray area between these too. Nurture on the other hand is your environment;… View Article

Karaoke Singing

1.1What needs and wants are fulfilled by karaoke singing? In my view, I would say there are 2 types of needs one’s can achieve from karaoke singing, first of all, it would be the social needs to network with people (eg. socializing/mingle around with people would portrait a sense of belonging). Secondly, to some people… View Article

Choir Concert Review

Music has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember, it is something that I truly enjoye and find to be very therapeatic. I have always had a love for music , going back to the days of elemantary school when I had been in music class , I… View Article