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Show How and When to Seek Advice About Communication Essay

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Show How and When to Seek Advice About Communication


Communication is important in a work setting because it expresses the needs and ideas that need to be shared amongst team members and also children. Socialising and sharing work related information/ideas can express feelings and opinions to one another. Communicating amongst the team makes the team effective by bonding and expressing ideas towards each other. Communication is like sending messages either by speech or by listening. Speaking to individuals in a work setting allows you to understand them. Listening to each other is showing respect in a work place as to each person speaking one at a time. 1.2

Communicating effectively with children and staff members is very important. To build strong relationships allows you to build trust towards each other in a work setting. Communication involves speaking and listening to individuals. Listening to what someone is saying will always allow you to understand if you are focus to what the individual is saying. Giving a response would only be said if you have heard and understand what the person was saying to you. Speaking or listening to someone who understands you would make a person feel understandable, supported and good. A lack of understanding can lead a person feeling worried and negative about sharing information. This is why listening and speaking, both are important. 1.3

Observing an individual’s reactions is important because when you speak to someone you can see their facial expression, posture and how their reactions are towards what you say. To see if someone has understood you or not, you can see this with their facial expressions which are either positive or negative. Observing reactions gives you the idea of how the other individual is feeling towards your words. To understand one another due to communication being observed sometimes words and questions are used and this may change someone’s facial expressions and their body posture. Body language is another way of observing someone’s reaction. For example, questions that are asked can be either negative or positive which may give someone a negative thought therefore they may be very angry. Individuals who show negative or positive facial expressions or body language can be seen very easily. 2.1

To find out an individual’s communication and language needs you would observe the way they communicate and how their language, wish and preferences needs improving or not. This would be observed if an individual may have problems due to mental illness or any kind of disorders which affects their communication and language needs, wishes and preferences. 2.2

Giving help which can be provided to those who need help in communication, wishes and preferences. Sending individuals to get help from professionals is important because this can be useful to their communication which can be improved whether it is mentally, physically or emotionally. Looking at an individual’s body language, posture and facial expressions gives you an idea of how communication is sent across to someone. Sending messages which can either be verbal, non verbal or written clearly represents how effective communication is. There are different ways of communicating which are either through thoughts, messages, facial expressions, tone of voice or body language. 2.3

Show how and when to seek advice about communication

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