Shipping Essay Examples

Maritime Hull and Machinery Book report

Introduction This book about the elements of shipping Emphasis is also placed on professionalism and the need to have the latest technology and professionally qualified personnel to operate a shipping service today. It remains essential reading for the shipping executive along with students and academics with an interest in the shipping industry. Hull and Machinery… View Article

Solas: Ships

Page Content The SOLAS Convention in its successive forms is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant ships. The first version was adopted in 1914, in response to the Titanic disaster, the second in 1929, the third in 1948, and the fourth in 1960. The 1974 version… View Article

Bargaining Power Of Supplier

Suppliers barely make any difference to companies involved in shipping line business, especially who are leading players like “Maersk” in this business. While it may affect to certain extent to small players like Five star shipping company, Varun Shipping company etc. who are struggling to establish within the industry. Many suppliers are such which are… View Article

Deregulation and Shipping Industries

Regulation in economy is a process characterized by control, monitoring and managing of rules, processes, operations and methods in order to obtain and yield more positive results and attain an environment that is more convenient to consumers and businessmen (Boyson). Deregulation, which is the opposite of regulation, when used in different aspects and sectors of… View Article

Five forces for Zappos

The threat of new entrants into the online shoe/apparel market is relatively small due to the fact that Zappos is such an established brand and has specialized their business model. It would be far too expensive for a new company to copy the characteristics of Zappos including their next day delivery and large overhead. The… View Article

How English Helps My Career

Assalamualaikum and good evening to my loyal followers and friends, now I would like to spend my time in a little bit of my holidays for assignment in Maritime English(MM2513) that was lectured my Sir Shamsul Rizal. Here I want talking about “how Maritime English subject can help my career in shipping industry”, but before… View Article

Example Rates: USPS Versus UPS

With the USPS flat rate boxes, “if it fits, it ships,” (up to 70 pounds), making the service especially good for dense or heavy products. As an example of just what this might mean, HYPERLINK “” TheChive website blogged about flat rate shipping early this month. The blog post’s author shipped nearly 60 pounds of… View Article