Ship Essay Examples

The Fate of the Vasa

Identify the main characters and key facts, dates and numbers. Main Characters Captain Sofring Hansson. Henrik Hybersson – Shipwright. King Gustavus II Adolphu.s Admiral Klas Fleming – Kings Representative. Hein Jacobsson appointed person in charge by Fleming after Hybersson death. Joran Mattson – Boatswain (Witness to stability Test) Erik Jonsson Kremer – Commander of the… View Article

The Sinking of the Aragon

With the outbreak of world one war the royal mail moved its home port to Newport, South Wales. However the Brittish government was in dire need of battle ships to strengthen their naval force. Many ships were converted from simply postal delivery vessels into war ready troop carrying ships. One of these ships was the… View Article

Prehistory and antiquity

Since the end of the age of sail a ship has been any large buoyant watercraft. Ships are generally distinguished from boats based on size and cargo or passenger capacity. Ships are used on lakes, seas, and rivers for a variety of activities, such as the transport of people or goods, fishing, entertainment, public safety,… View Article

Negotiation Simulation

ISLAND CRUISE Introduction In this exercise you will participate in a negotiation about a cruise ship and its rights to visit a tropical island. You will role-play this negotiation as either the director of the cruise ship or the mayor of the island. The issues to be discussed during the negotiation include the number of… View Article

Tui vs Thomas Cook

Europe´s largest tour operator market leading-brands in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK brands are household names including TUI, Thomson, Arke, Jetair and Fritidsresor sell holiday concepts that you can only buy from our brands including: Blue Village (TUI Nordics), Sensatori (Thomson), Sensimar (TUI Germany) and Holiday Villages… View Article

Engineering Ethics of Titanic Sinking

Utilitarianism Look at the Titanic When engineers design a product many things go in to the decision making process when it comes to selecting materials, design, and the manufacturing processes. One concern that has always been in the decision making process is trying to make sure the outcome will always be ethically good, although this… View Article

Cruise Ships Accident

Rogue wave Rogue waves up to 100 feet tall are a spontaneous natural phenomenon that cannot easily be predicted. In 2005, the Grand Voyager of Iberojet Cruises was smacked by a wave that knocked out propulsion and communications systems and injured 20 passengers. In 2010, the Louis Majesty, operated by Louis Cruise Lines, was struck… View Article