Sherlock Essay Examples

Sherlock Holmes stories

The Sherlock Holmes stories were first published in strand magazines in the year 1891. The author Conan Doyle, was inspired by other writers including R. L Stevenson, who wrote adventure stories, and Edgar Allen Poe who wrote horror and crime stories. He was also influenced by real events, such as the Jack the Ripper case… View Article

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

The stereotypical image in most people’s minds whenever the name “Sherlock Holmes” is mentioned is the magnifying glass, deerstalker hat and smoking a pipe. He has more or less become a part of our English culture, almost as much as English tea, Yorkshire puddings and cricket. Few of the number of people who can picture… View Article

Conan Doyle

In the “The Blue Carbuncle” Sherlock Holmes solves the mystery of a stolen diamond. The criminal in this story is a man named James Ryder. After James Ryder had stolen “The Blue Carbuncle” he stuck it down a goose’s throat. The goose that had the diamond was distributed the Breckenridge Stall, then sold to a… View Article

Sherlock Holmes and The Speckled Band

Watson takes notes for Holmes as well as accompanying him to dangerous situations and even tales a gun with him. Watson is never busy as a doctor but has medical knowledge. He shares the same code of honour as Holmes’s rights and wrong. The villains are less realistic than the characters of Holmes and Watson,… View Article

Victorian Britain

In Victorian times people were more susceptible to being lied to and were a lot more gullible, which is probably why they could believe a lot of the writing more. This is because the Victorians suspension of disbelief was far greater than any of ours today. The Sherlock Holmes mysteries were perfect for their time,… View Article

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes” is a collection of twelve short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and published in 1927, three years before his death. They are the last stories recounting the adventures of the brilliant, enigmatic detective, Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr, Watson. Extremely popular in Victorian and Edwardian England, these… View Article

Sherlock Cannot be Taken Seriously in Brazil

Amelia Simpson’s introduction to Detective Fiction from Latin America argues that Latin American culture, including its citizens’ pervasive distrust of law and authority, has inhibited its authors from creating a large body of original detective novels. Though these detective works are quite popular with Latinos, the novels must usually be set in countries with strong… View Article