Sexuality Essay Examples

Sexuality & bipolar

Sexuality as we know it has always been bipolar in its categories: the masculine and the feminine. People are then placed in these categories according to their anatomy, with pre-set expectations placed on them on how they would act and eventually mature. For example, it is unacceptable for women to smoke cigars, repair cars and… View Article

Gender Role and Sexuality

I can fortunately and happily say that I personally have not experienced unequal treatment in regards to my chosen career, educational path or previously held jobs. What I do still see currently being stereotyped are gender roles and the way they are allowed or not allowed to sexually express themselves in the public eye. From… View Article

Sexuality in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula is a blend of legendary motifs regarding the myth of the vampires. The author’s imagination transposes the legend of Count Dracula in modern times. It is significant that the novel is a product of the Victorian Age. It is well known that the Victorians had very exact requirements regarding the social… View Article

A history of American sexuality

There is little to dispute the notion that rebellious movements only originate as a need, not as a result of human nature. It would indeed be appropriate to view the various cultures of resistance that have developed over the ages in light of this ideology; every era saw a different need and hence developed and… View Article

Psy/265 Sexuality at Different Life Stages

There are changes in every stage of life including sexual changes that follow us as we grow older. With the following scenario’s that talk about the different points of our awareness and stages of sexual relationships, I will suggest from a counselors perspective ways to help each person in the settings presented. The first case… View Article