Service Essay Examples

La Tasca Restaurant Case Study

1. Introduction The aim of this report is to describe the characteristics of a specific service within the chosen organisation, it will critically assess the essential skills required to deliver effective service operations, this report will discuss the challenges or potential problems for operations staff and how they may be overcome. In addition, it will… View Article

Customer service in Halifax

Customer service Customer service is any part of the service that customers receive from the staff of the business. It is also a way in which the organisation deals with its customers. Businesses need their customers to buy their products or use their services in order to survive and make a profit. The way that… View Article

How Customer Service is provoded in business

Costumer service is the ability of an organisation to recognise and consistently meet the costumers’ needs. Costumer service generally involves service teamwork and service partnerships so they can meet customer expectations and produce costumer satisfaction. Costumers contact an organisation when they need something, the main reasons are: * To complain * To request/ order a… View Article

Assignment topic Mentoring

A brief outline of the plan for the assignment including why it is an issue and you likely conclusions. (If you like an abstract) An analysis of the ‘Delivering Great Service’ strategy that is currently being applied by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in relation to mentoring. And how the objectives of the strategy are being achieved. A… View Article

Customer service Tesco’s customer expectations

An accurate description of the basic characteristics of the different customers and their needs and an explanation of what is meant by customer service in the context of my chosen organisation Customer service is the degree of assistance and courtesy granted those who patronize an organisation. Customer service describes the extent to which Tesco satisfy… View Article

An analysis of the current activities of Cherwell District Council’s Environmental Services Department

1.0 Background Cherwell District Council’s Environmental Services Department is made up of two sections (Environmental Services and Amenity Services), which deliver a wide range of diverse services (see Table 1). Table 1. Services offered by the Environmental Services Department. Environmental Services Amenity Services Food Safety/Health and Safety in businesses Waste Collection/Recycling Animal Welfare/Dog Warden Service… View Article

What is customer service

Customer service consists of the various ways in which a business looks after its customer. A business that wants to provide a comprehensive high quality customer service must be aware of, and be able to analyse, customer needs, and also to set up systems to ensure that those needs are catered for from the first… View Article

Counselling, Caring and the Ambulance Service

Introduction In order to discus counselling and its meaning both generally, and in my workplace, it is necessary to come up with a definition. The dictionary describes it in terms of advice but this interpretation is a traditional one and carries an immediate implication of inequality for those involved. It is a narrow interpretation of… View Article

Introducing Customer Services

Introduction In this assignment I will be writing about the importance of having good communication skills in customer service. I was assigned to a two week work placement at Superdrug where I had to deal with different types of customers and their needs and expectations. I also was instructed by the supervisor to give good… View Article

Services provided by the London eye and Wookey Hole Caves

The built attraction I chose to talk about its primary and secondary products is London eye. The primary products the London eye offer are; river cruises, and pre booked private capsules for special occasions. Primary Products – London Eye River Cruise – EDF energy operates the London eye and the London eye river cruise. The… View Article

Logistics service providers

The array of logistics service providers in Netherlands is very widespread, ranging from small operators to giant organizations offering a number of different specialties. For example, TNT offers overnight airfreight service worldwide. This is extremely important to cut flower industry because floricultural products need to be delivered to sales point as soon as possible. In… View Article

HM Prison Service

British is a very big company and its offices are all around the world and this why I think that the Chain of Command is more horizontally because its Directors and Managers are all over the places. They might have a Chief Executive from whom the orders are passed to directors. The number of workers… View Article

Customer Service Standards

Explain how customer service standards are planned, implemented and monitored, and the impact this has on the operation of a selected business. In this task I will explain why customer service needs to be planned, how this is monitored and what impact it has for the whole organisation. The present customers of the organisation are… View Article

The implications for UK service sector firms

Discuss the implications for UK service sector firms that have off shed IT or administrative functions to low cost economies, such as India. The relocation of certain industries or functions from the UK to other low-cost economies abroad has raised a number of issues over the years. From a management perspective, it is seen as… View Article